If you're looking for an Elden Ring experience that is a bit more like a traditional game in its structure, the Elden Ring Ranni quest line could be exactly what you're looking for.


Likewise, if you've just beaten Rennala in the Liurnia of the Lakes region and you have no idea where to go next (since the game doesn't give you much encouragement at that point), heading in Ranni's direction is definitely something we'd recommend.

The Ranni quest in Elden Ring will reunite you with a mysterious mystical woman that you should have already met, and it will send you on a multi-stage mission that feels like one of the most structured parts of the entire experience. And it comes with some nice rewards too.

This mission is all about finding the lost city of Nokron, and you can read on to learn all about it, including the all-important details of how you actually start this quest. Check out our guide below.

How to start Ranni quest in Elden Ring

You should have already met Ranni, or Renna as she is sometimes called, when you picked up the Spirit Calling Bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes at the Church of Elleh in Limgrave (if you haven't done that yet, here's a link to a video guide).

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The main Ranni quest in Elden Ring begins in a totally different location, though. You'll be able to pick up her quest line when you reach Liurnia of the Lakes, specifically its western region, and it's not a million miles from the boss battle against Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon (who is a totally different character, by the way). This will be after you've defeated Margit and Godrick, the first two bosses in the game, or snuck around them.

Head to the left-most point marked on this map.
Head to the left-most point marked on this map. Map Genie

If you've made it to this point in the game, you should recognise the area above – the structure in the middle of the screenshot is Caria Manor, where you'll face a boss battle against Loretta. If you haven't been here before, it's on the western side of Liurnia (or the left-hand side if you're not into compasses).

To pick up the Ranni quest line, you'll want to head to the left-most point of interest that is marked on that map above (with thanks to the interactive map at Map Genie). There are three towers to the west/left of Caria Manor, and it's the middle one you need to visit to kick off this quest. Note that you'll have to go through Caria Manor and defeat Loretta on your way.

Once you've made it to that left-most point of interest, a tower called Ranni's Rise, head inside and make your way up to the top of the building. Here you'll meet Ranni again, and she'll tell you all about the mysterious city of Nokron – this is the quest you're looking for!

How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring

Now that you've spoken to Ranni, the quest has begun. You'll want to head downstairs, where you should meet a wolf-like character named Blaidd who will tell you to meet him in Siofra River.

Before you go there, though, head to Seluvis' Rise (the bottom of the three towers in the image above) and speak to Seluvis until he talks to you about Nokron.

Also, make sure you speak to the big fellow named Iji on the road that leads to Carian Manor. He's up the path from the Site of Grace named Road to the Manor. Chat to him until he talks about Nokron, too, because this whole stage of the quest is about gathering information.

Now you need to head back to Limgrave and the Site of Grace named Siofra River Well - with thanks again to Map Genie, it is marked in the image below.

Head to this well and take the lift down.
Head to this well and take the lift down. Map Genie

Heading here will allow you to take one of Elden Ring's many lifts all the way down to one of Elden Ring's many underground ruins. Down there you'll find Blaidd again, and he'll tell you a bit more about Nokron, but he still doesn't know how to get there.

Talk to Blaidd until he suggests that you go back to ask Seluvis for more information. Go back to Seluvis' Rise and ask him straight-up about Nokron. He'll tell you to go and visit Sorcerer Sellen to give her a letter. You'll find her in the Waypoint Ruins Cellar back in Limgrave. Show her the letter and she will offer some knowledge in return.

Head back to Siofra (you should be able to bypass the lift and go straight to the underground Site of Grace this time) and tell Blaidd the info you got from Sellen. Blaidd will be inspired to give you another hot lead – you now need to head to Castle Redmane in Caelid, where you'll face a boss named Radahn and gain passage to Nokron.

Take the portal by this bridge.
Take the portal by this bridge. Map Genie

To get to Radahn, head to the Site of Grace named Impassable Greatbridge in Caelid, which is shown in the screenshot above (credit again to Map Genie).

Go through the nearby portal. It will take you to Castle Redmane where you can catch up with Blaidd, enter a tournament, fight Radahn and ultimately learn how to enter Nokron.

Once you've defeated Radahn, you'll be able to travel to Nokron. You'll find a message from Blaidd at the Mistwood Ruins in Limgrave, not far from the lift that you took down to Siofra earlier. In the screenshot below, the ruins you need are marked on the left, and the well you went to earlier is on the right.

Head to the bottom landmark on this map..
Head to the bottom landmark on this map. Map Genie

With Blaidd urging you to go on without him, head to the floating column of rubble near the edge of the world. Using your horse, jump across the mountainside and you should find a passage into Nokron.

Now that you're finally here, you can dash across the rooftops and sneak around until you find the Fingerslayer Blade to give to Ranni. There will be some foes you need to fight along the way, but eventually you'll find a chest containing the blade for Ranni. Now, finally, you can head back to Ranni's Rise with something to show for your efforts.

Note: if we've lost you at any point during this guide, the video below is a resource we'd heartily recommend if you're trying to find all the different pieces of this quest. It's handily broken up into segments, too, so you can skip ahead to any bit you're stuck on with ease.

Although going back to Ranni with something to offer her may feel like the end of this quest, there is actually loads left to do after this if you fancy keeping the party going.

As a reward for your work so far, Ranni will give you the Carian Inverted Statue which will allow you to activate the mysterious device within the Carian Study Hall.

If you continue doing jobs relating to Ranni, you'll eventually be rewarded with the Dark Moon Greatsword, the Royal Greatsword and Blaidd's armour.

Again, the video above dives deep into all of that, so take a look there if you're enjoying this more focused portion of Elden Ring that has firm objectives and goals. It's certainly a nice change of pace!

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