From the minds who gave us the relentless Dark Souls trilogy, and the man who still promises to give us more Game of Thrones books (George RR Martin), comes Elden Ring - a game that many are already heralding as a masterpiece. But how many hours will it take you to beat it?


While it will still present a challenge to seasoned Dark Souls fans, Elden Ring has also been made so that those who aren't into brutally tough gameplay have the option to avoid the worst of it until they feel ready.

But even with that in mind, how long will it take you to complete Elden Ring? Here is what we know about that very question!

How many hours does Elden Ring take to beat?

According to IGN, it could take up to 80 hours plus to beat Elden Ring – we're talking about a game that is even bigger than many of us had imagined here.

A vast majority of the reviews for Elden Ring have had to concede that they were unable to get it all finished in time, which should give you a solid indication that this is a hefty title that will keep almost all of us busy for absolutely ages.

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Even getting started with Elden Ring could take you a while. Video Games Chronicle has said that there is so much to do that the opening area alone could see players lose nearly 50 hours, although we imagine that is if the focus is not solely on the story.

While seeing the length may be a jolt for some, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. There are multiple regions to explore in Elden Ring and each of those is far from small. We imagine ticking everything off will send the playtime number even higher - it will just be some time before anyone gets there to confirm it.

Either way though, you will certainly be getting your money's worth with Elden Ring. As and when some firm stats begin to appear regarding how long ordinary players are taking to beat the game, we'll be sure to update this page.

It is worth noting that producer Yasuhiro Kitao has said that the story alone should take about 30 hours - we'll reserve judgment on how accurate that is.

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