If the well-earned and very loud hype has convinced you to jump into Elden Ring, one of the first things you'll need to do in the game is pick your Elden Ring class.


From a choice of ten Elden Ring classes, you'll be able to pick exactly which kind of character you want to start off with. Do you want to prioritise swordplay or magic or ranged weapons, or would you rather challenge yourself by starting out with no discernible skills whatsoever? (If you answered yes to the latter part of that question, pick the Wretch.)

Picking your Elden Ring class is a key moment, and you'll want to think through all of your options before you commit to a build. Keep on reading and we'll help you pick your Elden Ring starter class.

Elden Ring classes: What's the best starter class?

There are 10 Elden Ring classes to choose from, and they all have solid things working for them when it comes to getting you to pick them. The Elden Ring starter classes at this point are:

  • Astrologer
  • Bandit
  • Confessor
  • Hero
  • Prisoner
  • Prophet
  • Samurai
  • Vagabond
  • Warrior
  • Wretch

Note: the classes Champion, Bloody Wolf and Enchanted Knight were present in the Elden Ring closed network test demo but they did not feature in the final game at launch. As such, we have removed them from this article.

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Of course, now that we're able to play the game ourselves, each player will be putting together an Elden Ring tier list in their head. Part of the fun with new class-based games like this is trying them all, finding something you like and then ranking your favourites.

As for which Elden Ring class is the best starter choice, that's a matter of opinion as well. We'd wager that the close-combat focused Warrior would be a pretty safe place to start, especially if you're a returning Dark Souls fan that loves a bit of swordplay.

On the other hand, it's worth noting that magical abilities could come in very handy during those difficult boss battles, making mage-like classes such as the Prophet or Astrologer look very tempting. We've spent quite a few hours playing as an Astrologer and it's been going reasonably well, so that might be a good choice for you as well.

At the end of the day, you're best off just picking the class that best suits your intended play-style. Check out your options with our handy list below.

Elden Ring Wretch class

If you really want to challenge yourself (and some returning Dark Souls fans surely would), the Wretch class seems to present the hardest staring class in Elden Ring.

Armed with just a wooden club and some old undies, the Wretch appears to have fairly standard stats, which means you can build them up however you like over time. Not the one we'd recommend for total newbies, unless you really want to push yourself!

Elden Ring Prophet class

Not the most aesthetically pleasing option (wearing a tatty robe and a plank of wood), the Prophet may not be particularly appealing when you're starting out, but don't discount this Elden Ring class completely.

Being a Prophet comes with a couple of major perks, including high Faith stats, the Heal incantation (handy for, well, healing) and Beast Claw incantation (which can attack multiple foes at once). It probably won't be the most popular pick at launch, but it could serve you well in the long run.

Elden Ring Vagabond class

Introduced to the fold recently, the Vagabond class in Elden Ring looks like it comes with a massive sword and a tattered cloak. It's a cool look that could appeal to a lot of players.

Bandai Namco described this class as a "solid, armour-clad origin", which makes it sound like a fairly trustworthy starter class. But we don't know much about it yet, to be honest.

Elden Ring Hero class

The Elden Ring Hero class is another one that was announced much more recently than the others, so we don't know a great deal about it just yet. Their costume doesn't appear to offer much protection in the image above.

That being said, the official description from Bandai Namco describes this class as a "stalwart hero" who's "at home with a battleaxe", which does sound pretty cool.

Elden Ring Warrior class

If you like your battles to get up close and personal then you could do far worse than opting for the Warrior class.

This is great for taking on enemies at close range, and you will find that you have some pretty nifty acrobatic skills that you can use — this type of warrior is quite agile by all accounts.

You will begin with a Buckler and Medium Armour and, at default, you will be able to unleash a projectile-style sword storm attack on your foes.

Elden Ring Prisoner class

Easily the weirdest looking of the bunch, the Elden Ring Prisoner class has a disconcerting get-up with a sinister-looking one-eyed mask that feels as though it stares directly into our souls.

But terrifying imagery aside, this is a great class if you want to use some cool magic skills as the prisoner studied in glintstone sorcery. And not only that, but they spent a fair amount of time with the elite of the world before being locked behind bars. Could be a fun one! The choice of where to start, though, is fully up to you.

Elden Ring Samurai class

"A capable fighter from the distant land of reeds. Handy with Katana and Longbows". It should come as no surprise to learn that samurai is the class to choose if you want to have some of the sharpest combat skills out there.

You get high dexterity as well as medium strength, endurance, mind and vigour with this class, along with a katana, bow, arrows - that can be set ablaze - and a shield. Sounds like a strong choice to us.

Elden Ring Confessor class

The Confessor class from Elden Ring has been described by official sources as "a church spy adept at covert operations". This character type is said to be "equally adept with a sword as they are with their incantations".

This sounds like a strong fit if you want to mix a bit of stealth, a bit of melee combat and a bit of magic in your Elden Ring build. They're bit of an all-rounder, for sure.

The Bandit (left) and the Astrologer classes from Elden Ring.
The Bandit (left) and the Astrologer classes from Elden Ring. FromSoftware

Elden Ring Astrologer class

One of the smartest classes in the game, Astrologer is definitely one you want to go with if you want your character to attack the world with some brains behind them.

You will be armed with a Staff, a sword and a small shield and this class is also a good one for having high dexterity. They are also "Heir to the school of glintstone sorcery", which sounds pretty fancy. They'll have two attack spells you can use from the start.

Elden Ring Bandit class

The Bandit class in Elden Ring comes with a mysterious black outfit that leaves half their face covered, which is a cool place to start in our books.

They're described as "a dangerous bandit who strikes for weak points" and one of their main skills is that they excel at "ranged combat with bows". If you're looking for a sneaky character that shoot arrows from the shadows, this is a great starter class for you!

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