Hopefully you'll know by now that you can't play the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, one of this month's biggest releases, without having made considerable progress in the Elden Ring base game.


But in case you missed it, we'll repeat it here - don't buy Shadow of the Erdtree unless you've beaten Radahn and Mohg in the original game!

They're two of the hardest bosses in the game, though, so don't expect your ticket to the DLC to be a walk in the park.

Read our guide on defeating Mohg if he's your target, but if you're struggling to beat Radahn then read on (and consult the video above to help you find the guy).

It's going to be a tough battle, so we'll do our best to help. It's a rough one, but you'll be glad to have him out of the way... for now.

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Where is Radahn in Elden Ring? Location revealed

A screenshot from Elden Ring, showing the boss battle against Radahn. The large, armoured enemy raises his weapons and prepares to strike the player. They fight against a red, barren backdrop.
Finding him is the easy part... FromSoftware

Radahn can be located at Castle Redmane in Caelid. The boss can be encountered midway through the Ranni quest, which many players may have already finished.

To be more specific, to get to Radahn you must first visit a Site of Grace called Impassable Greatbridge once you are in Caelid. Nearby, there is a portal that will let you venture into Castle Redmane where you can speak with Blaidd, who is standing in a courtyard next to a large fire. He will wish you luck, which you will inevitably need.

From there, you can enter a tournament by speaking with a man standing at the top of a flight of stairs which is attached to a stone archway. He will give you a brief history lesson after which you must leave the castle and find a portal located next to a river on the edge of the grounds. This will teleport you directly to Radahn where you will arrive at the Wailing Dunes.

If learning visually is more your thing, check out the video at the top of this page to find Radahn easily.

​​How to beat Radahn in Elden Ring - boss battle tips

When you first appear at the Wailing Dunes, Radahn will start some a long way away from you and he will propel purple blasts of magic from distance in your direction.

Our first tip here is to obviously roll out of the way and summon allies. Allow them a few moments to meet him in close quarters combat to keep his attention.

At this point the projectiles will stop and you can use your mount to ride towards him swiftly.

Once there, focus on attacking him from behind while your comrades keep his attention from the front. The majority of his attacks can end you in one hit, so keeping a healthy distance from time to time is crucial. If you do take damage, moving out of his attacking arch to heal is best practice.

Many players who have been successful in defeating this boss have recommended using a melee weapon that can trigger the Bleed or Rot effects, as well as being at least level 70 before taking on this behemoth of a foe.

His weaknesses are status conditions such as Frostbite and Scarlet Rot, so bear that in mind too!

YouTuber Happy Mag makes overcoming Radahn look incredibly easy in a demonstration video, which we’ve included below.

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