It's been over 10 years since the last Diablo game (excluding remasters and mobile releases), so your memory of the game's length might be a bit hazy.


Well, according to, Diablo 3 takes 18 hours to complete. And according to the same site, Diablo 4 - released last week - is a similar time at 20½ hours.

It'll take you 50+ hours to do absolutely everything, which is nice to know given the price of games these days. We're hopefully getting bang for the buck.

But how many quests are there in each act? As some gamers are quicker than others, listing them might be a better indicator for progress.

We'll explain how many acts there are below, along with a complete list of the quests. There might be spoilers in the titles, so watch out!

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How many acts in Diablo 4?

In its 20 hour length, Diablo 4's epic story is told through multiple acts and through the sub quests within them.

As for how many acts - there are six of them once you finish the prologue. However, the quests are scattered across the whole of Sanctuary. We'll move onto them now.

Full list of Diablo 4 quests

As we've said, there may be spoilers in the quest names, so read on at your peril! The complete list of Diablo 4 quests are listed below:


  • Dusk on The Mountain
  • Darkness Within
  • A Hero’s Return
  • A Hero’s Reward
  • Prayers for Salvation
  • In Search of Answers
  • Rite of Passage
  • Missing Pieces

Act I: Main Quests

  • Ill Tidings
  • Tarnished Luster
  • The Knight and The Magpie
  • Undertaking
  • Below
  • In Her Wake
  • Storming The Gates
  • The Cost of Knowledge
  • Light’s Guidance
  • Kor Valar
  • Pilgrimage
  • Light’s Judgement
  • Light’s Protection
  • Wayward
  • Shroud of The Horadrim
  • Fledgling Scholar
  • Crossing Over
  • Descent
  • Light’s Resolve

Act II: The Knife Twists

  • An Unforeseen Visit
  • Dark Omens
  • Encroaching Shadows
  • Exhuming The Forgotten
  • Harrowed Lament
  • Apex of Misery
  • Parting Embers
  • Feral Nature
  • The Beast Within
  • The Path of Rage
  • Fangs of Corruption
  • Stemming the Flow
  • Buried Secrets
  • In Ruins
  • Entombed Legacy
  • Shadow Over Cerrigar
  • As The World Burns

Act III: The Making of Monsters

  • The Spreading Darkness
  • Whittling Sanity
  • Suffering Disquiet
  • A Moment to Collect
  • Brought Low
  • The City of Blood and Dust
  • Small Blessings
  • Whispers From The Past
  • Through The Dark Glass
  • Descent Into Flame
  • Loose Threads
  • Oasis of Memories
  • Flesh From Bone
  • Beneath The Mask
  • Piercing The Veil
  • Exhumed Relics

Act IV: A Gathering Storm

  • Prying The Eye
  • A Master’s Touch
  • Lost Arts
  • A Meeting of The Minds
  • Anguish Incarnate
  • Eye of the Storm

Act V: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold

  • The Path Divided
  • Secrets of the Zakarum
  • Entombed Hatred
  • Swamp Hospitality
  • Witch of the Wastes
  • Encumbered Mind
  • The Cage of Grief
  • One Step Forward
  • Tainted Flesh
  • Wrack And Ruin
  • Cold Bloob
  • Judgement of The Swamp
  • The Serpentine Path
  • Dirge of the Mire
  • The Slow, Beating Heart
  • A Cold and Lifeless Shore
  • Picking Through the Bones
  • Beneath the Wine Dark Sea
  • Fragments of Mortality
  • On the Precipice
  • Knee-deep in Faith
  • A Chorus of Voices

Act VI and Epilogue: Dance of the Makers

  • Evil Stirs in Kehjistan
  • The Jewel of The East
  • The Scouring of Caldeum
  • The Walls Shake
  • Turning the Tide
  • Essence of Hatred
  • In Desolation’s Wake
  • Light Extinguished
  • The Blind Eye
  • What Lies Ahead
  • Promises
  • A Heavy Burden
  • Legacy of the Horadrim

And that's the complete list! Good luck on your adventures!

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