Sam Lake, creative director of Remedy Entertainment, has infused his impressive writing chops into all of his games, all of which are imbued with a filmic quality.


To see who is bringing his latest game to life, we present to you the Alan Wake 2 cast, with all the voice actors and how you know them.

Many characters punctuate the action during Alan Wake 2’s missions, lending an idiosyncratic and surreal believability to the fold.

Less believable were the Alan Wake 2 PC requirements which sent gamers into a frenzy, baulking at the high point-of-entry. Since the game has come to pass, however, things weren’t as desperate as they once seemed.

Not to entirely do away with controversy, Alan Wake 2 is all-digital, with the potential for a physical release all but certain.

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No matter the drama, the game is proving to be a Game of the Year contender as can be deduced from our Alan Wake 2 reviews round-up.

Fortunately for the many fans of the Alan Wake Universe, there are upcoming DLCs on the way that further explore the many mysteries of Bright Falls.

If you were hoping to try Alan Wake 2 on the cheap, you might be wondering “Is Alan Wake 2 coming to Game Pass?”. Time will tell.

Speaking of time, we're taking it – so let’s crack on!

Alan Wake 2 cast: Full voice actors list

Below you can find all of the cast of who voiced the characters in Alan Wake 2.

  • Matthew Porretta voices Alan Wake and Mr Scratch
  • Ilkka Villi voices Thomas Zane — he is also the face model for Alan Wake and Mr Scratch, and he plays the physical form of Alan in the live-action segments
  • Melanie Liburd plays Saga Anderson
  • James McCaffrey voices Alex Casey
  • Sam Lake is the face model for Alex Casy
  • Shawn Ashmore plays Timothy Breaker
  • David Harewood plays Warlin Door
  • Peter Franzén plays Ilmo Koskela and Jaakko Koskela
  • Martti Suosalo plays Ahti
  • Janina Gavankar plays Kiran Estevez
  • Christina Cole plays Alice Wake
  • Jessica Preddy plays Rose Marigold
  • Stuart Milligan plays Tor Anderson
  • Harry Ditson plays Odin Anderson
  • Markus Kaarlonen plays Tor Anderson (young)
  • Marko Saaresto plays Odin Anderson (young)
  • Olli Tukiainen plays “Fat” Bob Balder
  • Doug Cockle plays Robert Nightingale
  • Mark Heenehan plays Deputy Mulligan
  • Todd Boyce plays Deputy Thornton
  • Linda Marlowe plays Cynthia Weaver
  • Nneka Okoye plays Tammy Booker
  • Leemore Marrett Jnr plays Ed Booker
  • Arthur Lee plays Steven Lin
  • Drew Hylton plays Logan Anderson
  • Ako Mitchell plays David Woods
  • James Carroll Jordan plays Pat Maine
  • Rosanna Kemppi plays Baba Jakala
  • Matthew Porretta plays Casper Darling
  • Alec Newman plays Vladimir Blum
  • Kerry Shale plays Norman
  • Eve Karpf plays Mandy May
  • Liza Ross plays Donna
  • Ian Bouillion plays Charlie Koskela
  • Jill Winternitz plays Charline Koskela
  • Anssi Määttä plays Tapio Annala
  • Ako Mitchell plays Terry
  • Tim Ahern plays Jim Figamore
  • Alec Newman plays Gil Davis
  • Äx plays Mayor Setter

Where do you know the Alan Wake 2 cast from?

Alex Casey in Alan Wake 2 wearing a grey shirt and dark jacket in a wooded area
Alex Casey in Alan Wake 2. Remedy, Epic Games

Some of the Alan Wake 2 cast are bound to tickle your ears and brain as you will no doubt have heard their voices somewhere.

To save you from trawling through IMBb yourself – we’ve done the legwork for you and below are some of the big names appearing in Alan Wake 2.

Matthew Poretta you will know from playing the titular author in the original Alan Wake and his appearances in other Remedy titles, as well as the live-action Bright Falls. You may also recognise his voice as Mooch from Starfield.

He also made an appearance in Robin Hood: Men in Tights as Will Scarlet O’Hara.

Melanie Liburd has been very busy as of late, featuring as Jenna in The Idol, Caridad Milgram in Power Book II: Ghost and Zoe Baker in This Is Us.

They also played Jean Baptiste in the 2023 film, Perpetrator.

James McCaffrey possesses one of the most iconic voices in gaming as he played Max Payne in the game series’ of the same name.

He also featured in Remedy’s last title, Control, as Zachariah Trench.

McCafferry also played Joe Astor and Michael Payton in the '90s action series Viper for a combined total of 34 episodes.

Most people may remember him as Jimmy Keefe’s ghost in Rescue Me, a series surrounding the New York Fire Department in the wake of 9/11.

Sam Lake is the creative director of Remedy Entertainment and due to budgetary constraints in the early 2000s – was also the face of Max Payne in the first game.

In a nod to those days, Sam Lake has once again lent his likeness to the world of video games as FBI agent, Alex Casey, in Alan Wake 2.

Shawn Ashmore, twin brother of fellow actor Aaron Ashmore, has played Wesley Evers in The Rookie for 67 episodes and as Lamplighter in The Boys. Alan Wake 2 isn’t Ashmore’s first Remedy Rodeo though as they also portrayed Jack Joynce in the 2016 Quantum Break and its accompanying TV series.

They also portrayed Bobby Drake (Ice Man) in X-Men, X-Men 2 and X-Men: The Last Stand.

David Harewood played David Estes in spy-thriller, Homeland, and more recently as J’onn J’onzz the Martian Mannhunter in the Supergirl TV series.

They also provided voices for multiple characters in Horizon Zero Dawn and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Peter Franzén is best known for playing King Harald Finehair in Vikings between seasons four to six.

Janina Gavankar is no strangers to video games and has appeared as Freddie in Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, Shroud in Redfall, Tanta Sila in Forspoken and Sinmara in God of War: Ragnarök to name but a few.

They also appeared as Alison Namazi in The Morning Show and Ren Bhullar in Big Sky.

Gavankar will be playing the character Knoxx in the upcoming Borderlands movie, fusing her video game and film acting chops into one.

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