Alan Wake is back! After more than a decade of waiting, the best-selling thriller novelist is set to continue his adventures in the long-awaited sequel, Alan Wake 2.


Developed by Remedy Entertainment, players will this time be taking control of not only Wake but FBI agent Sage Anderson in a survival horror that can be played in any order from the two single-player stories available. Built for next-gen hardware, gameplay is looking to take advantage of all the capabilities afforded and from everything we've seen so far, it's looking like it's going to deliver.

Another interesting element is that this is the first Alan Wake game to come out since Remedy announced its intention to create an in-game universe with the likes of Control. While nobody is entirely sure what this means yet, is it out of the realm of possibility to see Jesse Faden pop up in Alan Wake 2? Thankfully we don't have long to wait to get some answers.

For now, head below for all the latest Alan Wake 2 details, including its new release date, trailers, how to pre-order in time for launch and what we know about the story so far.

When is the Alan Wake 2 release date?

Alan Wake 2.

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that Alan Wake 2 will be released on 27th October 2023, making it the perfect game to play this Halloween. It will be over 13 years since the original debuted with Mr Wake seemingly being trapped in Bright Falls for the same amount of time.

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Alan Wake 2 was initially scheduled to launch on 17th October 2023, however, due to the number of major releases – Mario, Spider-Man, Sonic etc – the developer decided to push back its release by 10 days in August.

What platforms can you get Alan Wake 2 on?

Alan Wake 2 will be available to play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on launch.

The new trailer demonstrates the might of the new generation of consoles and PC hardware with Bright Falls looking better and scarier than ever. As of writing, the PC version of the game is on the Epic Games Store only - sorry Steam fans! Time will tell if it will hit Valve's platform as well or not.

Can you pre-order Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 is available for pre-order now. The Standard Edition can be pre-ordered for £49.99 on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store and for £39.99 on the Epic Games Store. The Deluxe Edition will set you back £64.99 on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store and £54.99 on the Epic Games Store.

It's worth mentioning that Alan Wake 2 is digital-only. There will be no physical versions of the game available to purchase on any platform. There is a pre-order bonus in the shape of an Ornate Revolver Skin for Alan and a Survival Resources Pack for Saga.

The Deluxe Edition nets you an expansion pass that will include the Night Springs and Lake House expansions. You’ll also get a Nordic Shotgun skin, a Crimson Windbreaker and Lantern Charm for Saga. Alan will receive a Celebrity Suit and a Parliament Shotgun Skin.

You can also pick up the remastered version of the original at GAME for £14.99 if you want to experience the original story in higher fidelity than ever.

Alan Wake 2 story and gameplay

Alan Wake 2 Sage Anderson
Alan Wake 2 Sage Anderson. Remedy

Alan Wake 2 is set 13 years after the events of the original. It will see the return of the eponymous character from the original but we’ll also be playing as FBI Agent Saga Anderson, renowned for solving tough cases and getting results.

A trailer at Gamescom revealed that the narrative will be told through live-action cutscenes as well as CGI. It was also confirmed that Alan Wake 2 will be powered by Remedy's Northlight Engine, which was previously utilised with Control and Quantum Break.

Alan has been trapped in a nightmare for 13 years, trying to escape by writing a dark story to try to shape the world around him – all while trying to remain sane and keep ahead of the darkness that lurks in the town. Meanwhile, Saga and her partner (voiced by Max Payne actor James McCaffrey) travel to Bright Falls to investigate what initially appears to be a murder investigation, however, the situation quickly devolves into something much more frightening.

We’ll bear witness to the horror from the two perspectives in the different realities that are mysteriously and incomprehensibly linked, uncovering the supernatural powers at play as we go along with them. Light as both a weapon and safe haven from the corrupted locals will be returning from the first game and there seems to be more of an emphasis on the survival horror aspect. The game looks darker than ever, and we can’t wait to be scared silly when it comes out.

It seems that the narrative will continue post-game too with DLC planned for Alan Wake 2. Voice actor Sam Lake confirmed to audiences at EGX 2023 that both free and paid DLC will be coming to the game at a later time.

Is there a trailer for Alan Wake 2?

Remedy first announced Alan Wake 2 at The Game Awards in 2021. The developer then confirmed it would go dark before revealing more details. See the first trailer here.

As we get closer to launch, Remedy has started to show off more of Alan Wake 2 with a gameplay reveal trailer uploaded in May 2023. Watch the clip below:

One of the latest trailers is a mix of gameplay, CGI and live-action which is used to tease The Dark Place in Alan Wake 2. Check it out for yourself:

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