Today is the release day of Alan Wake 2, and those of us brave enough to step into the titular writer's shoes have a lot to look forward to.


We've been excited about the sequel to 2010's Alan Wake for a while now, especially since finding out it shares a universe with 2019's Control.

The story looks to be even more creepily mind-bending than the original, with jump scares and diabolical twists at every corner.

With it being a meta story about a novelist, it continues the tradition of the first instalment by breaking the game up into chapters. If you're wondering how many there are - or just want to know what you're in for - we'll list all the chapters below.

But before you scroll, be aware there may be spoilers!

How many missions are in Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 explores the new novel of the titular character, who has been trapped in an alternate dimension since we last saw him.

This novel is supposed to be his way out... but how many chapters does it have? We feel this is the important question, because it's the same amount of chapters in the game.

Altogether there are 19 chapters. Some of these focus on Alan himself in his eerie dimension, and others are about the characters he's creating - namely FBI agent Saga Anderson.

Let's take a look at the chapters themselves.

Full list of Alan Wake 2 missions

As we said, the chapters are split into those of Alan himself, and Saga, his new novel's protagonist. We'll divide our list to make things less confusing.

Saga Anderson's Chapters

  • The Cult
  • Invitation
  • The Heart
  • Local Girl
  • No Chance
  • Old Gods
  • Scratch
  • Summoning
  • Deerfest
  • Come Home

Alan Wake Chapters

  • Late Night
  • Casey
  • Haunting
  • We Sing
  • Room 665
  • Return
  • Masks
  • Zane's Film
  • Gone

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