Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Ryan warned over Roxanne ‘punching’ incident – but viewers are not convinced

Viewers have criticised CBB’s handling of the situation between Ryan Thomas and Roxanne Pallett

Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas, Celebrity Big Brother (CBB screenshots, EH)

Former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas has been reprimanded on Celebrity Big Brother following an “altercation” with Emmerdale actress and fellow housemate Roxanne Pallett – but many viewers feel he did “nothing wrong”.


It is difficult to see exactly what happened on Thursday night’s show, but following what many viewers believe was play fighting between the pair, Pallett claimed she was “punched” by Thomas and labelled him a “woman beater”.

After the alleged incident, Pallett laughed and said to Thomas: “Ow, woman beater that bloody hurt. I was going to ask if you wanted your washing done but I might shrink them instead.”

She then walked into the bedroom and, referencing his Corrie character, said: “I’ve just been beaten up by Jason Grimshaw. Ow, Big Brother that hurt.”

In the Diary Room Pallett then asked to speak to a producer “about something that’s happened that’s made me feel really uncomfortable”. The next part of the conversation was not shown and Pallett subsequently returned to the house.

Later, Pallett returned to the Diary Room and said: “I’m just a little bit in shock. I went from being upset to angry now. A boy has punched me repeatedly, unprovoked, completely deliberate.

“He actually punched me like a boxer would punch you back. We weren’t play fighting. It wasn’t banter, it wasn’t a joke. There was no exchange.

“I can’t believe you’re letting somebody stay that’s done that. It’s not OK.”

Thomas was given a formal warning by Big Brother about his behaviour. “While almost play fighting you punched Roxanne in the ribs,” he was told in the Diary Room. “Whether you intended to hurt Roxanne or not is irrelevant. Ryan, do you understand what you did is unacceptable?”

In response, Thomas said: “I think we both know and Roxanne knows there was no malice or hurt or anger in anything I did during this time.

“From your point of view while doing the show I am sorry and I do understand.”

Big Brother then issued a formal warning to Thomas and said he would risk being removed from the house if there was any repetition of his behaviour.

Pallett later decided to sleep in a separate room to the other housemates.

Thomas’s younger brother Scott jumped to his defence on Twitter: “I have now seen it all!” he wrote. “Women like that are so dangerous! Trying to damage my brothers reputation over what was blatantly some harmless play fighting.

“Be a drama queen all you want but don’t try and ruin someone in the process! Nasty that!”

On his Instagram story the former Love Island star also wrote that Pallett’s actions “make a mockery of actual domestic abuse victims”.

Many Celebrity Big Brother viewers have complained to Ofcom online, criticising Big Brother’s decision to reprimand Thomas for what they also believe was play fighting.


Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 at 9pm