Stuart to die in shock EastEnders shooting? (Spoilers)

New plotline details revealed about next week's gun drama

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EastEnders has revealed new details about the shooting at the Queen Vic in next week’s episodes that puts a character’s life on the line. As fans of the BBC1 soap know, sinister Stuart Highway has been waging a campaign of retribution against the Carters and tensions look set to boil over during a night time showdown that sees him lie in wait for his prey at the Walford boozer.


In the run-up to the gun going off, Stuart will be seen giving Mick bombshell news, which serves as the catalyst for another confrontation. After a furious Mick pursues his childhood friend back to his flat, the pub landlord is left baffled when Stuart reveals that he’s laid out some tools for him in order for him to take revenge. After being goaded, Mick explodes with rage and then heads back home.

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Elsewhere, Tina is angered to learn that Dylan has retracted his statement, but when he later explains that Stuart has been intimidating him and he’s scared for his life, Tina reassures Dylan agreeing to let him stay at the Vic that night.

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With everyone on edge, Halfway asks Whitney to stay with him in order to ensure her protection. But as everyone goes to bed, a restless Mick finds he can’t sleep and takes Lady Di out for a walk. However, unbeknownst to him, Stuart is on the premises and disaster soon strikes when a gunshot sounds out around the Square.

Scenes to be shown next Tuesday will see panic ensue at the pub, while an ambulance soon arrives on the scene. And by the week’s end, investigating officers from the police will have made an arrest. But who has been shot? And which resident of Walford is responsible for the crime?


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