Emmerdale killer Lachlan exposed by a suspicious Liv?

Is this moment that the teen terror is caught? Or might Liv be in grave danger?


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Tuesday 12th June 2018

Liv Flaherty [ISOBEL STEELE] accuses Lachlan White [THOMAS ATKINSON] of being behind the burglary?  

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Could Emmerdale killer Lachlan White be about to commit another murder in cold blood? It’s the question fans of the ITV soap will be asking next week when canny Liv Flaherty starts to get suspicious about his actions.


The upcoming drama will see Doug confiding in Lachlan about the anguish he feels regarding both Gerry’s death and a robbery at the B&B perpetrated by con man Terry. Doug is, of course, unaware that Lachlan is the one responsible for Gerry’s untimely demise – but the troubled teen is fast becoming aware of the damage he’s caused.

With repairs at the B&B set to cost £25,000 and Doug becoming increasingly unstable, Lachlan decides to do something about the situation and anonymously leaves a bag filled to the brim with banknotes. The trouble is that Liv is quick to notice Lachlan’s covert behaviour and is soon levelling accusations about him being the one behind the recent robbery. But in doing so, is she putting herself in grave danger?


Asked whether Liv has now gone to the top of Lachlan’s hit list, Thomas Atkinson said: “Oh yes, Lachlan doesn’t mess about.” All of which suggests that Liv could be the latest addition to Lachlan’s increasingly high body count…


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