“There are plans” for a third series of Donald Glover’s Atlanta

Zazie Beetz – who stars in Deadpool 2 this week – says that the critically-acclaimed comedy drama looks set to continue

Alfred 'Paper Boi' Miles (BRIAN TYREE HENRY), Darius (LAKEITH STANFIELD), Earnest 'Earn' Marks (DONALD GLOVER) in Atlanta - (BBC, FX, HF)

Critically-acclaimed US TV series Atlanta is finally coming to mainstream British TV this weekend, with Donald Glover’s comedy-drama set to begin airing its first series on Sunday 13th May on BBC2 (it previously broadcast on Fox in 2016).


Over in America the series is a bit further ahead, having just completed its second run – but it’s now been revealed that there are already plans in motion for a third season, despite the series not being officially recommissioned yet.

“You know, there are plans,” Zazie Beetz, who plays Van in the series, told RadioTimes.com.

“It hasn’t been officially announced yet.”

“I don’t know how much of it is written though. And I don’t think we’ve got an official, like, third season. Right now, the plan as far as I understand is to start shooting in January.”

She added: “I have talked with Donald and some of the writers also about certain directions for Van or just in general, talking about what may happen in the next season.”

There had been some question about the future of Atlanta due to the busy schedule of creator, writer and star Donald Glover (he has roles in Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Lion King and plenty to do with his music career in the coming months) as well as co-stars Beetz (who stars in Deadpool 2 and four other films within the next two years) and Lakeith Stanfield (who had a small but crucial role in Get Out, and four film roles of his own on the horizon).

However it now sounds like the increasingly successful cast are willing to stick around for more Atlanta, which has become a real passion project for them all.

“I love that project so much,” Beetz told us. “It means a lot to me, just in terms of when it happened in my life, and the people on that show. It’s like a small community, and we’ve all really become very much this family.

“You know a lot of us became quote-unquote ‘famous’ at the same time with that show. And it’s nice to have people going through the same thing at the same time. And being able to call them or text them and be like ‘hey – this is weird! I don’t know what to do.’

“Actually the other day I texted Donald, and I was like ‘I can’t decide whether or not to do this movie.’ It’s really nice to have this sounding board, because we all were coming up together. Not Donald! His profile’s way bigger.

“But everybody else in the show, in a way. I love that show so much.”

Zazie Beetz (Getty, HF)
Zazie Beetz (Getty, HF)

“It’s really lovely being part of something that is truly made with good intentions, good heart and a desire to make something different. Everybody’s super passionate about it. I have a great time on the show.”

Speaking specifically about the airing on BBC2, she added: “I am excited!

“The second season is different also from the first season. It’s much darker, thematically it’s heavier. So I’m interested to see how people react to it here.”

And who knows? If everything goes to plan, BBC audiences could be seeing Atlanta season three in no time.


Atlanta series one airs on BBC2 on Sundays at 10pm; Deadpool 2 is in UK cinemas from the 15th May