Coronation Street fans have had enough of Pat Phelan’s reign of terror storyline

The vast majority of fans polled by said they're eager for the plot to end

Coronation Street's Pat Phelan - ITV, BD

Pat Phelan’s reign of terror on the Coronation Street cobbles has been dragging on for far too long, fans of the soap have said.

Advertisement asked more than 4,000 readers how they felt about the sinister saga and a whopping 94% revealed that they were ready for the bad builder (who was responsible for the wrongful imprisonment of Anna Windass earlier this week) to get his comeuppance.

They’ve quite simply had their fill of Phelan’s dodgy dealings and are ready to see him sent down for being a bad egg now.

Phelan first arrived on the cobbles in 2013 as the slightly dodgy client and later business partner of local builder Owen Armstrong. Within months he’d  come to blows with Owen, and Anna’s son Gary, before coercing Anna into having sex with him for the sake of her son and partner. Phelan then left the Street and seemed to be having a nice break abroad, as evidenced by a gloating postcard he sent from Dubai to his victims.

Since his return to in 2016 he’s defrauded his neighbours, kidnapped Andy Carver and let Les Dennis’s Michael Rodwell die from a heart attack in a muddy puddle before gruesomely murdering Andy and Vinny in October 2017 and picking off unlucky Luke in January of this year.

The kidnap and murder of Andy and Vinny saw Phelan hitting the headlines, as viewers complained to Ofcom about the pre-watershed scenes and Michael Parkinson argued that Coronation Street was becoming far too violent. readers agreed with the chat show host, with 81% of those surveyed stating that the storyline was just a bit too grim for the soap.

That’s not to say the viewers haven’t enjoyed actor Connor McIntyre’s performance, though.

In October 2017, just before that double murder, readers voted to crown Phelan the soap’s greatest ever villain.

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