Hollyoaks: Armstrong returns – can Milo save the Cunninghams?

Nathan Morris and Andrew Hayden-Smith on the nightmare before Christmas in the village…

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There’s an unexpected visitor in Hollyoaks village next week when disgraced copper DS Armstrong gets out of jail and unleashes a campaign of terror on his previous victim Cindy Cunningham and her family.


Ironically, the person responsible for his return is Cindy’s lodger, Milo Entwistle, who is secretly trying to protect the Cunninghams to atone his hidden guilt at killing the clan’s parents, Gordon and Helen, in a car accident back in 2004.

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Stalker Armstrong, framed for the murder of Amy Barnes, has discovered what Milo’s been hiding from the family he proclaims to be protecting and has threatened to tell all unless the geeky Mr Entwistle hacks into the prison computer system and wipes his record clean so he can be released. But when he returns to the village and seeks out Cindy, a showdown with Milo has shocking consequences…

Teasing next Wednesday’s unmissable confrontation, Nathan Morris (Milo) and Andrew Hayden-Smith give us a taster of what’s in store – and whether Milo’s past will finally come to light.

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How does Armstrong get out of prison and return to the village?

Nathan: Armstrong blackmails Milo into hacking the prison computer system to forge an official document claiming he has been a model prisoner. Armstrong lies to Milo, telling him he just wants to be transferred to another prison, but he uses it to get parole and return to Hollyoaks!

Andrew: He’s a sneaky one that Armstrong and unfortunately for Milo, he has him right where he wants him. He knows Milo is desperate to keep his secret hidden from the Cunninghams that he killed their parents, so he blackmails him into doing him a favour that helps him get out of prison. Armstrong knows Milo’s a bit of a tech geek, so he’s a dab hand at hacking into computer systems. That comes in pretty handy…

Who should be most worried now Armstrong’s back?

A: Anyone who he’s had history with should be pretty scared, but he really put Cindy through it with the hotel drama and the hate campaign when she was running in the election. She’s his main target at the moment and his current obsession. He’s had plenty of time to think about what he did while he’s been inside, but unfortunately he hasn’t changed one bit!

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How worried is Milo that Armstrong could let his secret out?

N: Very! If the secret gets out then Milo fears the Cunninghams might disown him, so Milo puts his life in danger to protect them. He can be over-protective by meddling in their relationships, as we saw with Dirk. Although Milo hates seeing Cindy and Holly upset, when Dirk cheated on Cindy it proved Milo right, that Cindy deserves better.

Does Armstrong have a plan of action?

A: He wants revenge for being sent away for killing Amy – the only thing he didn’t actually do! Anyone who played a part in that will be in the firing line. His first port of call is Cindy – he’s got a little present for her, but I doubt she’ll be too thrilled to find out he’s back.

Does Armstrong see Milo as a threat or more of just a pain?

A: I don’t think he sees Milo as a threat, just an annoyance. He keeps getting in the way of Armstrong getting to Cindy. He wants Milo out of the picture, though I’m not sure what he’d actually do if he does get his hands on him.

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Is Milo scared of Armstrong?

N: Milo is terrified of Armstrong. He’s not a confrontational person but he puts his fear aside to protect the Cunningham family.

What happens when Armstrong encounters Holly and traps her in a car with him?

A: Who better for Armstrong to use to hurt Cindy than her own daughter! Holly has got off lightly with Armstrong so far. They lived under the same roof and yet he didn’t really do anything to scare her. That could be about to change this Christmas…

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What is Milo planning to do to protect the Cunninghams from Armstrong?

N: Milo plans to lure Armstrong into the house, trap him then call the police. But Armstrong escapes and things spiral out of control!

How does Milo feel about being asked to spend Christmas with the Cunninghams?

N: It means the world to Milo. They are the first people to accept him for all of his geekiness and quirks, so to know they accept him as part of the family gives him a feeling of belonging.

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Are you surprised by Armstrong’s popularity, given that he is a stalker?

A: Totally! I think he pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes when he first arrived as this straight-laced detective. Then suddenly – stalker alert! Hollyoaks have amazing fans. They’re so passionate and that’s brilliant, it makes us want to do a good job for them. It’s great fun playing the bad guy and even better that viewers love to hate Armstrong!


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.