Emmerdale reveals shock affair for Laurel and Bob

Who saw THAT one coming?


Laurel Thomas was revealed to have had an illicit one-night stand with Bob Hope in tonight’s double bill of Emmerdale.


The surprise affair was shown in flashback scenes that saw Laurel seeking solace in the arms of Bob on the fateful day that Emma Barton met her maker on the Hotton viaduct.

Laurel then admitted all in police questioning that she’d returned to the village from a shopping trip with her sister Caroline in Peterborough after receiving a call from panicked stepdaughter Gabby.

But instead of reassuring the troubled teen (who was worried for her safety thanks to the machinations of an increasingly deranged Emma), Laurel ended up getting steamy with Bob!

After the pair’s afternoon of passion, Laurel received a text from Diane who reassured her that Gabby was fine, but that Emma and Finn had both lost their lives.


Thinking it best that no one should be alerted to her presence in the neighbourhood, Laurel then hightailed it back to Peterborough.

Throughout the subsequent police investigation into Emma’s murder, Laurel has been considered a suspect, especially when it turned out that shed lied about her whereabouts on the day of the killing.

But Thursday’s episodes was the first time viewers were shown how exactly Laurel had been spending her time.

Whether Bob’s wife Brenda now finds out her husband’s fling remains to be seen, although – as soap fans know – extra-marital secrets never stay hushed up for long…

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