EastEnders: Josh betrays Willmott-Brown and abandons his family – here’s what happens next

Will the Weyland boss want revenge on his boy, or is there a happy ending for him and Lauren?

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EastEnders’ Josh Hemmings turned his back on his badly-behaved father tonight as he stood up to James Willmott-Brown in a furious showdown and walked out on his family and their business – straight into the arms of Lauren Branning.


Uncomfortable with the extent of Weyland’s wicked plans to destroy Albert Square and drive out the locals to build luxury flats on long-established community landmarks including the Queen Vic and the cafe, Josh told Lauren he planned to expose his family firm’s dodgy dealings by surreptitiously stealing some computer files that could bring them down if made public while she kept James and his sister Fi Browning occupied at a photo opportunity in the Square.

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But Josh was caught in the act by Willmott-Brown who raged at his son for stabbing them in the back – leading to a confrontation in which Josh showed his true colours and told his dastardly dad he refused to be part of the clan’s immoral practices and corporate hostility a minute longer.

James’s comments on Lauren seeing Josh as just a meal ticket tipped the Hemmings hunk over the edge and he trashed the office before catching up with Ms Branning.

Annoyed he blew his chance of exposing Weyland, there was a silver lining as Josh and Lauren shared a passionate kiss, seemingly sealing their relationship.

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With Weyland behind him, Josh’s journey away from the dark side continues next week when he asks Lauren to move to Glasgow with him to make a fresh start.

Jacqueline Jossa’s EastEnders exit is imminent, so will her character get a happy ending with the handsome Mr Hemmings? Could Willmott-Brown be adding his son to his ever-expanding hit list and be planning a terrible revenge for double crossing him? Just look at what he did to Max Branning…

And what about James’s terminal illness? If he doesn’t have long to live, could Josh regret exchanging such harsh words with his dad if this turns out to be the last time he sees him?

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