EastEnders: Lauren makes a big discovery about Josh and Luke!

Is Lauren about to discover all about Weyland's plans?


Lauren Branning will be back working alongside Josh Hemmings in next week’s EastEnders – but it isn’t long before she’s making a shock discovery about her Weyland bosses…


The upcoming drama sees Lauren back in Josh’s orbit and once again sharing a kiss with him. But pretty soon, she’s having doubts about whether she should pursue a relationship.

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Alarm bells will start to ring after Ben realises that he has picked up Luke’s wallet by mistake and discovers something about his boyfriend’s business that worries him.

After Lauren is put in the picture, she asks Josh about the projects that the company is working on, but he claims to have no knowledge of what she’s  talking about.


But when Josh then questions Luke about Weyland matters, he refuses to open up – all of which makes Lauren even more suspicious.

By the week’s end, Josh is warning Lauren not to antagonise Luke, but when she tries to find out for herself, she makes an alarming find.

Has Lauren discovered all about what Weyland is planning for Walford? And where will this leave things with Josh?

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