Has stalker Tom left EastEnders?

Is this the last we’ll see of Michelle’s twisted admirer?

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Michelle Fowler has turned the tables on stalker Tom in tonight’s EastEnders – with a little help from Sharon, Denise and Karen.


Thursday’s episode saw Michelle invite a besotted Tom over for dinner and then quiz him about his recent obsessive behaviour.

Unaware that the entire exchange was being filmed, Tom admitted that his pursuit had been intense, only to then escalate the situation further by trying to kiss Michelle!

Luckily, at that moment, Sharon, Denise and Karen arrived on the scene to help Michelle take back control.

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Sharon was seen whacking Tom around the head and knocking him unconscious. And when Tom came round, the Walford women gave the creep what for, with Michelle revealing that she’d done her own research on his backstory.

As it turns out, Tom had recently endured a marriage break-up (his wife is currently living in Manchester) and rather than having a top job in the City, he’s actually a financial advisor working in Bethnal Green.

Finally, Michelle issued a threat: if Tom ever came near her again, she’d make the video she’d filmed public to all his clients.

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As a shamefaced Tom was shown the door, Michelle toasted her success in getting him out of her life.

But is this really the last we’ll see of the man who has made her life a misery?

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