People can’t stop wondering about Jennifer Garner’s unusual Oscars reaction

The cameras caught Jennifer Garner having some kind of epiphany in the audience

Jennifer Garner at the Oscars

Did Jennifer Garner have an epiphany at the Oscars? Or did she just realise she’d left the iron on at home?


The actress was spotted applauding in the audience at the 90th Academy awards. But while the rest of the crowd continued clapping, she suddenly paused, wide-eyed, with hands mid-clap as a look of dawning realisation came over her face. What a scene-stealer!

The breakout performance has left viewers mystified.

The shot has now been made into the perfect “reaction gif”.

Perhaps she had just managed to process Best Actress winner Frances McDormand’s speech? And her call-to-arms asking actors to demand “inclusion riders” in their contracts?


Someone needs to find Jennifer Garner and ask her to share the epiphany…