David Tennant will give you nightmares in terrifying first trailer for thriller Bad Samaritan

The Doctor Who and Broadchurch star is playing a chilling kidnapper in his latest film

Youtube screengrab https://youtu.be/iCmnXr79dGU?t=1m10s, Electric Entertainment, TL

He’s returning to haunt Jessica Jones, he’s a demon at the apocalypse in Good Omens and now David Tennant will play a disturbing kidnapper for his latest film, Bad Samaritan.


The first trailer for the new thriller shows the former Doctor Who star lying to police (in an American accent), ramming a person with a car and hiding behind a pillar with an ominously green syringe in hand.

Directed by Dean Devlin (Independence Day), the film stars Robert Sheehan (Misfits) as a criminal with a cunning plan: while his friend valets wealthy customers, he steals from their empty houses. Unfortunately, Tennant’s Cale Erendreich is one of these customers. And instead of finding expensive TVs or tablet to steal, Sheehan discovers a woman imprisoned in his apartment, panics, leaves her and rushes to the police. Which turns out to be a terrible idea.

The police find nothing in Cale’s apartment and now the kidnapper is mad. Really mad. So mad that he tries to run over Sheenan and at the credit’s close we see him swinging a weapon at camera.

It’s not exactly how a Time Lord – or even The Master – might act, but we can’t wait to see more.


Bad Samaritan will be released 30th March 2018 in the US, with a UK release date yet to be confirmed