EastEnders: will Linda sleep with Stuart after kissing him?

How far will the landlady go to get a confession?

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Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) has been left disgusted with herself on tonight’s EastEnders after she kissed sinister Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ). The Queen Vic landlady has, of course, been trying to trick Stuart into revealing that he framed an incarcerated Mick for attempted murder. But how far will she now go to get the confession she so badly needs?


Prior to this evening’s kiss, Linda was seen biting her lip as Stuart donned Mick’s Santa suit as he made his debut as the pub’s Father Christmas. Then there was the shock moment when Linda was seen enquiring on the market about buying revealing underwear, a move that left viewers wondering whether Linda will next tempt Stuart into the bedroom in order to expose his guilt.

Viewers won’t have long to wait before discovering exactly what Linda is up to, with tomorrow’s episode seeing her convince Stuart to stick around to help after he initially says that he has too much respect for Mick to let anything happen between them. Matters then reach a crescendo in a special two-hander episode to be shown on Thursday that sees Linda go to desperate lengths to trap Stuart. But will she get the evidence needed to save Mick?

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Teasing the upcoming drama, actress Kellie Bright said recently: “There is a plan and it doesn’t just involve her hearing Stuart confess. There is more to it than that. All I’ll say is when I got the script I read it like a book and was really excited. It’s very dynamic and has a lot in it, because with two-handers it’s only two people talking for half an hour so you have to make it exciting to watch. And it is!”

Asked what the fans’ reaction to Linda’s plan for Stuart had been, the Walford star added: “Most of them have got it and are on board, which I’m secretly glad about because I wanted to play the truth of it. It can be tricky to be truthful but also have ambiguity, especially when the audience hasn’t been let in.

“Once they are in on it you have more freedom to show them what Linda is thinking. As an actress it’s been great to play a completely different side to the character – suddenly I’ve discovered Linda is a brilliant actress! It has been a really interesting story to play and builds up to a crescendo in Thursday’s episode.”


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