EastEnders’ Shane Richie reacts to tonight’s Alfie baby bombshell – “His paternal instincts kick in very quickly”

Alfie discovers the truth about Hayley's newborn

Alfie and Kat on EastEnders

Shane Richie has revealed how Alfie Moon reacts in tonight’s EastEnders when he discovers that he is the father of Hayley Slater’s baby. Speaking about the moment that Alfie picks up the newborn and cradles her in his arms on Monday 3 December, Richie said: “Initially, he thinks the baby is one of Stacey’s. But she says, ‘No, it’s not one of mine. And then, of course, Hayley walks into the room and says, ‘She’s mine’. So Alfie realises that this is his daughter and it’s then that you see him change. His paternal instincts kick in very quickly and he takes on board the fact that he is the father of this child.”


Alfie will be seen begging Hayley to let him be a part of their baby’s life, but she refuses and instead threatens to derail his reignited relationship with Kat by telling her he’s the daddy. Later in the week, though, Hayley softens towards Alfie as she starts to notice just how much the baby means to him, but Jean is left fuming at his manipulation of the new mum, especially when he makes a grand romantic gesture that he hopes will see his and Kat’s reunion.

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By the end of this week, a protective Jean will be seen reaching breaking point when she tells Alfie that she knows he’s the father of the baby and unless he comes clean to Kat, she will.

It seems as though EastEnders fans won’t have long to wait until word reaches Kat’s ears. New Christmas 2018 plotlines released today reveal that the Slater clan will be in the spotlight over the weeks ahead as Alfie grows ever-more determined to give estranged wife Kat the perfect Christmas. But his dreams come to a sudden halt when the truth about him and Hayley unravels in catastrophic style. Kat is, of course, currently unaware that Alfie is the father of Hayley’s newborn baby, but all that will change very soon, the result being that Kat’s world comes crashing down, leading to chaos and “consequences that no one can see coming”.

And yet despite all the on-screen drama and trauma, Richie himself is finding it a joy to be back in Walford. Said the star: “It’s been great. The first day I got back, a few people said, ‘Where did you go?’ It was like I’d had a long holiday. And stepping back into the whole madness of the Slater family has been great, but full-on. But I enjoy filming six days a week.”


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