Will Mandy lose her baby in Hollyoaks after being abandoned by Darren?

Nancy comes to her enemy's aid as she fears she's having a miscarriage - but where's Darren?


Heartbreaking scenes ahead in Hollyoaks next week when Mandy Morgan (Sarah Jayne Dunn) fears she is losing her baby, and with partner Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) nowhere to be seen the only person around to help is his ex, and Mandy’s arch-enemy, Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox).


The custody battle between the Osbornes, following the collapse of their marriage thanks to Darren and Mandy’s affair, descends into mud-slinging and recriminations when a mediation session turns nasty, thanks to Nancy’s lawyer James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) going for the jugular.

Things between Darren and Mandy are already tense after he takes her £200 scratch card win earlier in the week and sneaks off to the casino hoping to make some extra money to hire an expensive lawyer of his own to fight for Oscar and Charlie. Lying to Mandy about what he did with the scratch card, she has no idea the former gambling addict could have had a relapse…

At the mediation a blazing row erupts between Nancy and Darren, and when her philandering ex storms off Nancy later finds Mandy in tears in the ladies’ loos. Emotionally admitting she thinks she could be losing her and Darren’s baby, Nancy must put her grievances aside and takes her love rival to the hospital – with Darren having disappeared.

What is Mandy told about her baby in hospital?

Unable to get hold of Mandy’s partner, Nancy stays with Mrs Morgan as Sinead Shelby (Stephanie Davis), who has recently started working at Dee Valley Hospital as a nurse, thankfully finds the baby’s heartbeat. However, further tests have shown up something untoward, and Mandy prepares herself for the worst as doctors reveal what they’ve found…

Hollyoaks’ recent winter 2018 trailer showed scenes of Nancy and Mandy together at the hospital, with Mandy tearfully wondering if Darren will be able to cope with what the future has in store – so what is wrong with their unborn baby? Does this crisis mean the feud between Mandy and Nancy is over? And if the baby is in danger, does this mean the bitter custody battle will also take a backseat? More importantly, where has Darren got to, has he done a runner when Mandy needs him the most?


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