Plain Jane returns to Neighbours – for romance with Paul?

Another comeback confirmed for Ramsay Street legend Annie Jones

Neighbours Paul Robinson

Neighbours welcomes Annie Jones back to the cast as Plain Jane Superbrain (aka Jane Harris) next week, reprising her role again after a guest spot earlier this year that saw the much-loved character on Ramsay Street again for the first time in almost 30 years.


Jane is summoned to her childhood home by Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) hoping she can pull his embittered dad Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) back from the brink of self-destruction following his spectacular fallout with the family over his bad behaviour. But after she appears on Monday 26 November, it becomes clear it’s not just Leo’s desperate plea she try to save her old friend that has lured her back…

Why has Jane taken over from Susan as head of Erinsborough High?

On Tuesday 27 November she’s revealed as the new acting Principal of Erinsborough High. No-nonsense Jane has been drafted in to take over from Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) following her suspension in the aftermath of being arrested for trying to murder evil Finn Kelly (Rob Mills).


Tenacious teacher Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) hoped she would step into her aunt’s sensible shoes to run the school in her absence, but her nose is put out of joint when confronted with Ms Harris. The pair quickly clash, and Jane ends up firing her!

She’s not making friends on the job, and Leo’s plan to have Jane placate a wounded Paul is also derailed when the Robinson rogue sees through his sneaky offspring’s intentions and bristles at his meddling. It’s up to daughter Amy Williams (Zoe Cramond) to convince her father that Jane could help him and be a good influence if he allowed himself to open up to her. Can Jane save Paul from himself?


When was Jane Harris in Neighbours before?

Jane was part of the glory days of Neighbours, spending three years as Jane from 1986 alongside icons Scott (Jason Donovan) and Charlene Robinson (Kylie Minogue) – she was even a bridesmaid at their iconic wedding, screened in the UK in 1988.

Jones returned for a cameo in 2005 to mark the soap’s 20th anniversary, and after suggesting ideas for her character to make a potential comeback she was welcomed back in March this year on looking to resolve some unfinished business for her grandmother Nell Mangel, whom she had been caring for in England since leaving Erinsborough all those years ago.


During her springtime stay in Lassiters, Jane reconnected with old boss Paul, who comforted her when news came of her nan’s death back in Blighty. There was a definite spark between the pair, so have producers brought her back again to bring some much-needed happiness to Paul’s life after a tumultuous few months?

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