Hayley Slater came SO close to yelling “You ain’t my mother” at Kat on EastEnders

Hayley was channelling her inner Zoe tonight

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Hayley Slater came ever-so near to recreating one of EastEnders’s most famous moments when she yelled at Kat: “You’re not my mother!” In the heat of the moment, the line obviously didn’t register with Kat, who at the time was trying to convince Hayley to come home with the rest of the Slaters rather than head off with evil Bev.

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But we couldn’t help but be reminded of that pivotal moment in EastEnders history when Kat’s secret daughter Zoe cried, “You ain’t my mother” at her supposed sister Kat, only to be immediately told the truth about the Slater family tree.

Perhaps if Kat knew that she’d already become part of TV history thanks to this pivotal soap showdown, she could have turned to Hayley tonight and said: “What a minute? I know that line from somewhere…”

But, as it turns out, Kat won’t have much time to ruminate on past EastEnders cliffhangers, with next week’s episodes seeing Bev making plans to sell Hayley’s daughter – and even tries to cut Kat in the deal.

The upcoming drama will see Bev slyly attempt to put Hayley off by criticising her every effort. After later encouraging Hayley to get some fresh air, Bev takes a picture of the baby, clearly hatching a plan. And when Hayley arrives back, she overhears her mum on the phone and is left horrified by what she’s suggesting.

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Bev then tries to convince Hayley that she knows what’s best for the baby. But her words aren’t enough for Hayley, who puts in a secret call to Jean, unaware that Kat and Bev have overheard everything.

Events then escalate at the Tube station as Bev stops Jean in her tracks and warns her to stay away from Hayley, just as Kat also turns up at Hayley’s demanding to know what’s going on.

Kat to betray Hayley?

Hayley will be seen admitting that Bev wants her to give up the baby and when the woman herself turns up, Kat doesn’t gold back, knowing that she’s behind the plot. As tensions increase, Hayley decides to make a swift exit, but once alone, Bev offers Kat a cut of the money if she can get Hayley on board. So will Kat end up conniving with the mercenary Bev? Or will her loyalties ultimately end up lying with Hayley?


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