New knife crime death as Keegan kills vandal? EastEnders Shakil revenge twist

Another violent attack in Walford could end in murder


Keegan Baker’s (Zack Morris) revenge on the vandal taunting him over the fatal stabbing of best friend Shakil Kazemi (Shaheen Jafargholi) may have resulted in another victim of knife crime as EastEnders‘ hard-hitting storyline took a shocking twist.


Hot-headed Walford teen Keegan sought vengeance on the unknown figure who defaced Shakil’s memorial poster intended to raise awareness and stamp out the kind of senseless attacks that cost him his life, and who then goaded the schoolboy on social media insulting Shaki’s memory to deliberately provoke him.

Why was Keegan carrying a knife?

On Thursday 1 November, riled Keegan stalked the Square after dark with a knife ready to confront his tormentor, but almost abandoned his plan when he realised he’d been following the wrong person. Unfortunately, the real culprit continued to bait volatile Keegan from afar and his anger increased as he made it his mission to track him down.

Finally confronting his target in the playground, Keegan was out of his depth when it became apparent the hooded figure had not come alone and had brought an entire gang with him. Brandishing the knife, and full of bravado, Keegan became embroiled in a scuffle with the group – also armed with a knife of they own – only for the ring leader to be nicked with the blade and fall to the ground, injured.


Horrified at his actions, Keegan froze with fear, dropped the blade and ran – as did the rest of the gang. Meanwhile, Shakil’s grieving mum Carmel (Bonnie Langford) suspected her son’s mate was seeking justice at the mocking of the tragedy and tried to find him – stumbling on the worrying scene in the playground while terrified Keegan hid, breaking down in tears.

Could Keegan go to prison for murder?

Has Keegan turned killer in attempting to defend Shakil’s memory? If so it would be an audacious way for the soap to reflect the cycle of violence that perpetuates London’s knife crime epidemic, but what would that mean for the character’s future? Could he be facing a prison sentence?

With Carmel’s final scenes set to air this coming Monday 5 November, will she leave Walford having seen history tragically repeat itself as a knife attack claims yet another young life?


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