Jude attacks Mary – what next in Coronation Street domestic violence plot?

Mary is covering up her son’s shocking abuse

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Coronation Street’s Mary Taylor has become a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her son, Jude Appleton, and is protecting him by covering up his aggressive outburst to his wife Angie.


In shocking scenes aired on Monday 22 October, Mary was horrified to learn Jude had lied about training to become a paramedic and had conned Roy Cropper into giving him £5,000 for the course after learning her deceitful son had walked out of the exam.

Not only that, he was still acting the hero to a journalist interviewing him about the local Good Samartian award, claiming he had saved Mr Cropper’s life when he suffered an allergic reaction when in fact it was GP Ali Neeson.

Privately confronting Jude at the house, fuming Mary threatened to tell Angie the truth. Begging her to say nothing for fear it would wreck his marriage once and for all, with Mr Appleton already on borrowed time for lying about being a marine biologist for years, his mum was not for turning – and the usually mild-mannered man unleashed a terrifying temper.


As Mary berated Jude for being a serial liar, he locked her in the house and as a struggle ensued, pushed her back causing her face to smack into the door frame and send her to crashing to the ground.

Immediately regretful, Jude tried to make shellshocked Mary see it was an accident and placed blame on her for jeopardising his future with his family.


When Angie and little George arrived home, Mary made the snap decision to protect Jude and lied the bruise on her face was caused by catching herself on a cupboard door, but as she hurriedly left she broke down in tears out in the ginnel.

The story continues on Wednesday 24 October when Jude is presented with his Good Samaritan award in a ceremony held at Speed Daal restaurant. Mary continues to cover up Jude’s abuse, but when she returns the cheque to Roy he’s suspicious something else is afoot.

How long can Mary keep quiet about her son’s sinister side?


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