Emmerdale: Ross and Rebecca to leave together?

Are Michael Parr and Emily Head set to exit at the same time?


Ross Barton will drop a bombshell on Rebecca White in next week’s Emmerdale when he asks her to leave the village with him. So, should fans be braced for a shock double exit from the ITV soap? The catalyst for Ross’s suggests comes when he’s left trying to comfort Rebecca after she receives a birthday card from her incarcerated serial killer nephew Lachlan. Unnerved by what’s happened, Rebecca tells a rattled Ross that she’d kill Lachlan if she had the chance – all of which makes Ross wonder she’s in need of a fresh start away from all these memories of death and grief.


As the pair talk about all the bad things that have happened to them while being in the village, Ross suggests that they leave, a proposition that leaves Rebecca wondering if he’s serious about the plan. But it seems that Ross is in earnest and as preparations are made, can Rebecca be convinced to join him?


Emmerdale hasn’t yet confirmed whether or not Emily Head will be exiting alongside her co-star Michael Parr, whose departure was announced earlier this year. Speaking to RadioTimes.com back in June, Parr revealed that he’d stayed longer than originally intended in order to film Ross’s acid attack storyline:

“When I originally signed, I said that I would do four years max. And in my fourth year, I was ready to go. [Then producer] Iain MacLeod said that they’d like me to say. So I said, ‘do a storyline that’s never been done and I’ll stay’, thinking he wouldn’t be able to come with anything.

“But his wonderful mind came up with what was going on in the papers and they wanted to try and tell this story. In September, I will have done that extra year. So it’s a natural time for me to move on.

“I’m so used to doing a play every six weeks because I went to drama school. I’ve never done a character for this long – and where else can Ross go?”

Since Parr’s Emmerdale debut in 2013, he’s been involved in no end of drama from heists to shootings by way of relationships with the likes of Donna Windsor and Debbie Dingle. The last half-decade has also seen many of his screen family killed off, with dad James, mum Emma and brother Finn coming to a grisly end.

As to whether he wants Ross to go the same way, Parr commented: “A lot of Ross’s family have gone, but he’s still got Pete to look after. It’d be nice if they kept the door open. If Ross leaves with [son] Moses, Charity is still going to want to see him. If Ross leaves without, he’s still going to want to see him. So we’ll see.”


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