Emmerdale: who gets married at Christmas? Our 10 big theories

Charity and Vanessa? Joe and Debbie? Pollard and a ghost?

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Emmerdale has revealed plans for a wedding at Christmas, but the identity of the characters set to tie the knot remains a closely-guarded secret. Speaking at a press event this week, show boss Jane Hudson confirmed the nuptials and teased: “I’m not going to tell you who, but let’s just say it will bring a different flavour to the village than you’ve had before.”


With the long-awaited Robron wedding finally in sight, the permanently-engaged boys are out of the running – so which other couples are in line for some potential festive vow exchanging?


Charity and Vanessa
Pairing off the vivacious vixen and the village vet has been an unexpected success, with #Vanity almost challenging #Robron in terms of fan loyalty. Turns out all troubled Charity needed was the love of a good woman for her to face her painful past and turn over a new leaf, so a Christmas ceremony would bring the compelling couple’s eventful year to a happy close. Considering Charity once got hitched in a Moulin Rouge-style basque and fishnets, there’d be more speculation about her dress than Meghan Markle’s.


Chas and Paddy
Having said goodbye to their baby girl Gracie in this week’s heartbreaking episodes, will Chas and Paddy be granted some much-needed light relief by the time the festive season rolls around with their already much-delayed nuptials? Is there another couple in soapland fans are rooting for more right now?


Matty and Vic
Marrying your former brother-in-law who used to be your best girlfriend at school before gender reassignment is certainly a “different flavour” – as much as we’d love for them to make it official this union is fraught with issues. Top of our Christmas plot wish list is for Vic to marry Matty in the Woolpack on 25 December, only for on-the-run hubby Adam to burst through the door in a surprise return setting up a very complicated Barton love triangle.

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Marlon and Jessie
Teacher Jessie came to the village armed with the requisite troubled past required of new characters, and if she and Marlon took their sweetly-drawn relationship to the next level that skeleton in her closet could come crashing out in the shape of errant son Billy, currently in jail for assault. Perhaps he’d get an early release for his dear old ma’s big day and he’d arrive to start a fight at the reception – crashing into Marlon’s Christmas croquembouche wedding cake?


Debbie and Joe
They’re set to tie the knot next week as the Tate tycoon surprises his girlfriend with a hastily-arranged ceremony at the hospital chapel so sickly daughter Sarah can attend, but with stepgranny Kim Tate on the way back demanding her relative be removed from Home Farm it’s implied Joe does a runner. If the nuptials are delayed what better time for the power couple to seal the deal of two dynamic Dales dynasties than Christmas Day?


Zak and Lisa
The world doesn’t feel right without these two together – so please can Lisa return from Scotland and her trip of self-discovery (or whatever reason she’s not around, we’ve kind of forgotten) to reunite with her flat-capped soul mate and start again? We can feel the warm festive glow already. Maybe they could hold it in the Wishing Well Cottage pig sty?

Lachlan talks to Belle under supervision

Lachlan and Belle
You can’t keep a good serial killer down, and with a trial in the offing loopy Lucky might have one last ace to play – how about promising to reveal info on another victim in his murder spree but only if his beloved Belle agrees to a White Christmas wedding? Forced into a prison visiting room to say ‘I do’ to the twisted teen for the gruesome case to be closed, trying to get the rings on with the groom in handcuffs would be the least of Belle’s worries.


Sam and Lydia
Her recent cancer scare was thankfully a false alarm, but you know what those soap hospital records departments are like – just look at the case of Liz and Jim McDonald’s daughter in Corrie. Actually, don’t… Could Lydia discover she was misdiagnosed and want to tie the knot ASAP with Sam in case she succumbs to the disease? History may sadly repeat itself as Sam had a deathbed wedding with Samson’s mum Alice when she battled cancer all those years ago. There wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house.


Ross and Rebecca
Michael Parr’s protracted exit as bad boy Ross Barton seems to have been ‘looming’ for ages, so hanging on for a festive exit after a fairy tale wedding with posh princess Bex isn’t out of the question. After surviving acid attacks, drug addiction, being locked up and tortured by your sociopathic nephew and coming back from the dead several times, these two deserve a happy ending. What else can they put them through?!

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Pollard and Val’s ghost
Eric’s never got over losing his beloved Valerie in her hall of mirrors demise, and with Charlie Hardwicke seemingly always available for ghostly guest appearances (she’s already popped up a few times in dream sequences clad in a white trouser suit) why not resurrect her, Randall and Hopkirk style, and have Pollard tie the knot with his late wife all over again? Set it up on Halloween where Val appears to rise from the grave (“Trick or treat, pet!”) and starts regularly visiting her bereaved bloke from the other side, and by Christmas Day Pollard’s lost the plot completely and hired out Home Farm to marry a Geordie spectral apparition. Now that would be a soap first.


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