Emmerdale: Ross’s killer showdown with Simon leads to Michael Parr’s exit?

Could this be Ross’s last stand?


There’s plenty of drama on Emmerdale next week thanks to the return of Kim Tate and a surprise wedding for Debbie Dingle. But not to be left out is village bad boy Ross Barton, whose vendetta against Simon, the man who left him scarred following an acid attack, reaches a terrifying crescendo.


Fans of the ITV soap will see Ross receive word on Simon’s whereabouts from former prostitute Dawn. Not wanting to waste any time, Ross packs a holdall with duct tape, rope and plastic ties and – after scoring more drugs from dealer Gaz, – feels ready to fulfil his mission.

But a curveball soon comes in the form of Moira, who has worked out what Ross is up to and tries to talk him out of it. Refusing to be deterred, Ross puts Moira off the scent and soon ends up engineering a showdown between himself and Simon.


But just as Ross is about to attack his enemy, Moira arrives to make a last-ditch plea to make him reconsider. But refusing to be swayed, Ross ends up dragging Simon to the edge of the lake, where the whole situation threatens to spiral out of control. But will the stand-off end with Ross getting the truth he deserves from Simon? Or will a last-minute twist put paid to Ross’s quest for vengeance – as well as his time in Emmerdale?


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