Emmerdale star Claire King reveals why Kim Tate is only back for a week

The actress gives new details about her upcoming cameo


Emmerdale returnee Claire King has revealed the reason why vampy villainess Kim Tate will only return to the village for a week. “I’m kind of committed to pantomime at Christmas. I’m in Stockport doing Sleeping Beauty,” the actress revealed on ITV’s Lorraine this morning. “And I’ve got a film coming out at the end of October, King of Crime, so things are busy. So I’m sorry about that.”


But the soap star promised that Kim will be in the thick of the drama during her cameo appearance later this autumn: “As always, she’s a joy to play. Yes, she is going to come back and wreak havoc. Even though she’s just back for a week, she does quite a lot in that week, actually. She’s bigger, badder than she was before. And obviously a bit older…”

Speaking about why she’d chosen this current time to reprise the role after almost two decades away, King added: “The timing was just about right this time. It has been mentioned over the years, but I think now the time’s right. We’ve got Joe Tate in there, so a Tate name’s back in, so it just seemed to slot in.”

Emmerdale revealed yesterday that conniving Kim will rock up at her old kingdom of Home Farm as a surprise guest at stepgrandson Joe Tate’s masquerade ball. As it turns out, vengeful Kim has unfinished business in the village and there are several characters in her sights as she goes on the warpath.


Producer Kate Brooks said of her new signing: “Kim Tate is a hurricane of a character and her explosive return shakes the very foundations of the village as she swaggers back into Home Farm, leaving devastating trail of destruction in her wake.

“We are delighted to welcome Claire back to the show, she exudes charisma and ebullience. It is testament to Claire’s immense talent that her portrayal of such an iconic soap villain is so convincing. We are all thrilled she’s filling Kim’s designer shoes again!”


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