Emmerdale: Charity loses it and assaults a local farmer – watch the angry showdown (spoilers)

See the punch right here first

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 08.32.11

Charity Dingle will be seen going completely off the rails on this week’s Emmerdale when she gets plastered, wakes up hungover in a field and ends up punching a local farmer!


Ever since Charity was forced to confront her past at the trial of her rapist DI Bails, she’s been spiralling out of control and will be seen in upcoming episodes chastising the rest of the Dingles for not supporting her when dad Obadiah chucked her out as a teenager.

After going on to steal Zak’s van while under the influence, Charity ends up passing out, before awakening on local land. And pretty soon, she’s getting apprehended by the police after lashing out at the farmer who owns the field itself.

Charity’s destructive behaviour looks set to result in her eventually reaching out to her errant father, who she hopes will aid her. “Charity wants answers about her past, and is nervous but determined to to get them. She thinks she knows what’s going to get by visiting her dad,” says Emma Atkins. But is Charity really prepared for what Obadiah has to say?


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