Ross sets himself on fire in shock Emmerdale scene (Spoilers)

And next week's drama sees him put son Moses in danger


Ross Barton’s life went further off the rails in this evening’s Emmerdale after he accidentally set fire to the sleeve of the jacket he was wearing following another drugs binge. The village bad boy has been nearing breaking point following a string of traumas, including the death of his mother, father and brother Finn as well as an acid attack that has left him with facial scarring.


In recent weeks, Ross has become increasingly dependent on drugs that have made his behaviour more erratic. Friday’s drama saw him take Tracy to the nearby scrapyard where he proceeded to vent his anger by smashing up a car that was destined to be crushed. But events were to take a disturbing turn when – after returning home – Ross caught his coat with a flaming torch that he was brandishing wildly. As Tracy swung into action and extinguished the flames, Ross was left visibly distressed by his own actions.


Next week’s drama on Emmerdale will see Ross make another reckless choice that ends up putting the life of his son in danger. Following another visit from local dealer Gaz, a drug-fuelled ross holds another party, but struggles with his comedown later as he looks after Moses.


While out with Moses, Ross takes out a small bag of drugs and is soon full of energy again as he plays football with his lad. But disaster threatens to strike when Ross suddenly collapses to the ground in agony, clutching his chest. As Ross passes out, Moses heads off towards the nearby bridge…


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