Coronation Street: Sally’s in the dock – will she go to jail? “She’ll be out of her comfort zone” reveals Sally Dynevor

Weatherfield's former mayor could be behind bars very soon…


Coronation Street’s Sally Metcalfe has had a spectacular fall from grace after bogus businessman Duncan Radfield framed her for fraud, forcing her to step down as mayor of Weatherfield as police investigated her shady-looking financial behaviour with council cash.


Next week it’s Sal’s pre-trial hearing, but battle lines are drawn between her and Duncan’s lawyer Imran Habeeb when she exposes his two-timing of Battersby sisters Leanne and Toyah, and Mrs Metcalfe’s own case is jeopardised when she sacks her brief Paula Martin after rumbling the secret fling with her daughter Sophie Webster.

Insisting on going it alone in court with no solicitor, Sally faces Duncan in the dock and Imran revels in the accused being so out of her depth as she tries to mount her own defence. Will Sal go the same way as Gail Rodwell and Deirdre Barlow who found themselves behind bars thanks to the machinations of manipulative men? Corrie stalwart Sally Dynevor teases the dramatic week ahead for her alter ego.

Is Sally embarrassed by how this has tarnished her reputation in the community?
She’s really proud and was doing really well for herself, so for everything to now come crashing down on her is awful. There are those who will want to see Sally embarrassed and who will be sniggering behind her back thinking she had it coming, because Sally is the definition of ‘pride coming before a fall’.

Does she feel foolish about being conned by Duncan?
Yes. She was in a position to help someone and was charmed by this very handsome, charming and eloquent man. Sally was naive and should have looked into his business and who he really was. It’s interesting she’s fallen flat on her face when she was just trying to help someone as opposed to thinking about herself!


Deep down, does Sally feel justice will prevail?
She is innocent and knows she has not done anything wrong, she is an upstanding member of the community, she’s been the mayor and feels confident enough she can represent herself. She believes it’s all going to be absolutely fine.

How does she end up being accused of harassing a witness?
She learns a woman she worked with called Judith has given a statement saying she overheard a conversation where Sally and Duncan were talking about going away together. Sally thinks this is ridiculous as it never happened, and very innocently doesn’t see anything wrong in ringing Judith up and discussing it with her – not realising that’s not procedure. The call ends in an argument and of course Judith later tells her lawyers Sally was harassing her!


On the day of her pre-trial hearing, she then finds her solicitor Paula with Sophie…
Sally is really angry on lots of levels about this – firstly, she feels Paula hasn’t been truthful to her, and secondly that she hasn’t being pulling her weight on the case because she’s obviously been secretly seducing Sophie! Sally feels she has been duped again. She even tried to set Sophie up with Paula’s daughter, and thought Paula was interested in Kevin! Sally is livid and sacks Paula on the spot and says she will represent herself. It’s a wild scene.

What does that mean for the hearing?
It’s the worst possible timing but Sally’s convinced she’s innocent and doesn’t need Paula, who in her eyes doesn’t know what she’s doing anyway! Having decided to represent herself she tells Sophie there’s no point in her coming to court, she feels betrayed. Sally just wants to get through the day and believes it will be over by the evening.


Does she successfully defend herself?
Of course not! Things go from bad to worse, Imran is very good at what he does so she finds herself in the worse possible predicament, and messes up completely by getting very personal about Imran.

How are you feeling about the possibility of Sally going to prison?
Actually I’m really excited about seeing her out of her comfort zone and how that affects her. She will no doubt make some enemies and try to make a difference, Sally is never going to sit back and do nothing! She will try and make something good come out of the worst possible scenario. I must say I’m loving this storyline, it’s different as it’s not a romance or an affair. It might be up there as one of my favourite things in all my time here!


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