Sarah tells Debbie to marry Joe – watch the heartbreaking new Emmerdale scene (Spoilers)

Will Debbie change her mind about Joe's proposal?

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A desperately sick Sarah Sugden can be seen urging mum Debbie to marry Joe Tate in a brand-new Emmerdale clip released by the ITV soap. But will Debbie listen to her daughter’s heartfelt plea? As viewers saw last week, Debbie turned down Joe’s proposal of marriage, a decision that left him gutted.


Insisting that it wasn’t the right time to be thinking about a wedding, Debbie told Joe that she had to put Sarah first, especially seeing as she’s still in hospital awaiting a heart donor. But, as can be seen in this upcoming scene from Wednesday’s episode, Sarah thinks differently about the situation and expresses her desire for her mum to be happy in the event that she isn’t around much longer to make her laugh.

“You turned Joe down before you’re worried about me. But I’m allowed to worry about you too. And I don’t want you to be on your own,” says Sarah. “What if things change with me? If anything happens, he’d really look after you and I know you love each other.”

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Back in the village, though, Joe is quickly going to pieces and consoling himself with a bottle of vodka. But as Joe goes in search of more alcohol, a concerned Noah takes out his phone to send a covert text. Will Graham end up coming to Joe’s rescue?


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