All your EastEnders spoilers for next week: Phil fires Keanu, Hayley’s secret is out, plus Honey dates Adam

Full guide to the EastEnders drama from 27 to 31 August 2018


Phil rages at Keanu
The week’s biggest EastEnders storyline sees hard man Phil Mitchell venting his anger at Arches employee Keanu. But will Phil’s firing of Keanu merely end up driving the young mechanic into the arms of Sharon? In the run-up to the showdown, Phil will be seen taking Dennis out for the day, only for the nervy youngster to rush home after spying some of the gang members. His suspicions aroused, Phil later questions Keanu, but ends up being put in the picture by Karen, who lets slip some details when she returns Dennis’s mended jacket.


A furious Phil then storms home with Keanu in tow and demands to know why he wasn’t told the truth. With tempers fraying, Sharon admits that she concealed things from Phil because she didn’t want him kicking off. With Keanu standing up for Sharon, Phil goes apoplectic and dismisses Keanu.

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But when a guilty Sharon offers to fetch the Arches keys back from Keanu the next day, sparks start flying between the two of them. But just as the pair are about to get passionate, the moment is interrupted by an unsuspecting Karen, who returns home. Feeling conflicted, Sharon decides that she needs to tell someone about what’s been going on and ends up confiding in Linda that she’s been flirting with a mystery younger man.

Things look set to come to a head later that evening when Keanu – who has been left alone at the E20 by Jay – invites Sharon for a drink. But will she go home to her bruiser of a husband or opt to join the new man in herself?

Stacey discovers that Hayley is pregnant
Stacey Fowler will leap to the erroneous conclusion that Hayley Slater is expecting Martin’s baby after discovering all about the secret pregnancy. Scenes to be shown on Monday 27 August will see the penny drop for Stacey when she catches Jean helping Hayley to adjust her clothes.

With it now obvious that Hayley is hiding a sizeable baby bump, Jean begs Stacey to keep quiet about her discovery. But as they discuss who the father could be, Jean plants a worrying seed in Stacey’s mind – could it be Martin’s?

EastEnders - July - September 2018 - 5766

With Martin out with the kids, Stacey decides to corner Kush as she goes in search of answers, but gets no luck. So, back home, Stacey decides to confront Hayley, who immediately denies that Martin is the dad. But as Stacey continues to push her for answers, Hayley snaps and reveals that she can’t wait to get away from the family and leave. As viewers know, the father of Hayley’s unborn child is actually Alfie Moon, so the mum-to-be is obviously keen to prevent this news from getting out and reaching Kat’s ears. But what she hasn’t reckoned on is Jean taking matters into her own hands and revealing to an assembled gathering of Slaters that Hayley is pregnant. So how will the family react? And is Hayley set to face more difficult questions about her baby’s paternity?

Billy gets jealous of Honey and Adam
Luckless Billy has been harbouring hopes of a reconciliation with Honey, so it’s a shock when he discovers that she’s now dating charming dentist Adam. Wanting to put a stop to the romance, Billy decides to use his own children as a way of scuppering things. So while Honey is out with Adam, a petty Billy stuffs son Will’s mouth with sweets and causes him to be sick. Later on, Billy admits to Honey that he did this just to have a pop at her for dating a dentist.

EastEnders - July - September 2018 - 5766

But it seems that Honey is determined to move on and ends up arranging a second date with Adam. Cue Billy pleading with her not to go as a concerned Janet and Billy look on. Has Billy overstepped the mark badly and lost Honey for good?

More Stuart and Halfway drama
The Carter clan will be spooked by some strange goings-on at the Vic, with Halfway certain that his brother Stuart must be responsible. But how will Stuart react when Halfway visits his increasingly unhinged brother and demands answers. Is Stuart to blame for what’s been happening?

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