EastEnders: Kush cheats on Denise with restaurant waitress Talia

Will Denise discover that Kush has been unfaithful?


Kush Kazemi has done the dirty on Denise Fox in tonight’s EastEnders after getting drunk on the opening night of Ian Beale’s new restaurant and leaving with one of his employees.


Kush (Davood Ghadami) has been seen going quietly off the rails following the tragic demise of his younger brother Shakil. Reflecting on the fact that those closest to him have often come to a tragic end (first wife Safirah died from a pulmonary embolism and son Zaair with second wife Shabnam was stillborn), Kush has been turning to drink in recent weeks and spending more time home alone.

However, following a pep talk from mum Carmel, Kush decided to put in an appearance at the launch of Walford East, much to the delight of partner Denise. But the night soon took a sour turn when Kush took full advantage of the free drinks and blurted out in front of everyone that Kim is pregnant before spilling champagne all over her.

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As Denise and Kim both left Kush to it, he carried on drinking and ended up catching the eye of one of Ian’s waitresses by the name of Talia, with whom he ended up leaving! Kush’s rash move is actually true to form, with the market-stall holder seen previously admitting to Shabnam that – in the wake of Safirah’s death – he coped with the grief by going out to bars for a year and having sex with strangers.

EastEnders fans will next see Kush struggling with his guilt, while Denise remains unaware that there’s something he urgently needs to get off his chest. But will the truth come out? And how would Denise rect that she learn that Kush has been unfaithful?


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