Emmerdale: Rebecca MURDERED after Lachlan foils escape plan?

She was briefly free before her nasty nephew caught up with her and she was strangled…


Emmerdale’s Rebecca White almost escaped her captor Lachlan White but a dramatic chase through the woods ended with her recaptured by the teenage serial killer who dragged his auntie back to the cabin and strangled her. Has he claimed his latest victim?


In an action-packed double bill on Thursday 9 August, Lachlan dashed to the secret shack where he’d been keeping his relative chained up following her discovery of his crimes, fearing a group of village kids were about to find her on their camping trip.

Pulling off a neat double bluff in which the shack the children approached turned out to be a completely different one, Lachlan burst into the cabin to see the loose chains. Realising Bex must’ve wriggled free, he was attacked from behind by his liberated prisoner and knocked unconscious.

Waking up, frantic Lucky saw Rebecca was gone and gave chase through the woods and eventually caught up with his hostage, who then had her turn to be knocked out cold when she tripped during his sinister pursuit.


Dragged back to the shack, Bex came to and suddenly appeared to have no recollection of the last few months – feasible enough as she’s been suffering from memory loss since the car crash in January that Lachlan caused, claiming the lives of his mum and grandfather.

As she begged to be taken to hospital, Rebecca’s act slipped when she screamed for help after hearing a noise outside (unaware it was an oblivious Zak Dingle) and Lachlan deduced she’d been faking her amnesia to try and get away again.


Gagging her once more, the twisted teen began to strangle her in disturbing scenes – the episode ending with Rebecca struggling to escape his strong grip as he refused to release her so she and baby son Seb could leave the country, despite her promising never to expose him to the police as long as she could be with her child.

Has Lucky finally killed the last of his familiy? His face was etched with tormented emotion has he stifled her terrified screams, but can he really go through with it having let her live this long?

With the outcome of the storyline strictly under wraps, viewers will have to tune in on Friday 10 August to find out Bex’s fate…


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