Emmerdale: Lachlan frames Rebecca for murder in new twist – here’s what happens next

Can she trust her nasty nephew to keep his word? Probably not…


Emmerdale’s Lachlan White promised to set his secret prisoner Rebecca White free and smuggle her and baby son Seb out of the country if his auntie keeps quiet about his murderous antics and disappears – but that deal seems to be in jeopardy after tonight (Tuesday 31 July) when the manipulative murderer framed his relative for some of his own crimes!


Leafing through Bex’s memory book she kept to help with her amnesia following her brain injury in the car crash Lachlan caused that killed mum Chrissie and granddad Lawrence, the toxic teen tore out pages that incriminated him as being responsible for the ‘accident’, but kept her scrawls of ‘I did it’ believing she was to blame from the time he made her think that was the case, callously playing on her condition.

When Robert Sugden saw said entries in the book, Lachlan lied to his ex-stepdad that Bex had made the fatal crash that wiped out the Whites occur all along and he had covered for her. Evil Lucky even implied Rob was complicit himself as Rebecca was acting erratically as he’d taken their little boy believing the Whites were whisking him off to Australia.

Robert reeled from the false revelation, while Lachlan returned to the secret shack and told chained-up Rebecca their plan was on but he was going away for four days to spend time with girlfriend Belle Dingle who’s out of town visiting Granny Clegg.


He neglected to mention he’d sown the seeds for everyone thinking she’d caused the deaths of two people – and not only that, but Lachlan himself is unaware Belle is planning a belated 18th birthday surprise for her boyfriend and he’s actually going to be gone for 10 days…

Next week, Rebecca fears her time is up as the days pass and Lachlan doesn’t visit. Running out of water and losing hope she’ll ever get out of the shack, Bex could have the some unlikely saviours in the shape of Jimmy, Nicola, Laurel and Bob’s kids who are camping nearby and decide to investigate strange sounds at the shack.


Will they find Rebecca – dead or alive? Why is Lachlan so keen to make Robert think his son’s mother is a murderer when he’s promised her he’ll get Seb away from his father and out of the country? Who’s side is Lachlan really on?


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