Emmerdale: Amelia’s kidnapper Beth arrested – but what is Daz’s fate?

The nightmare continues for the Spencers


Emmerdale kidnapper Beth has finally been arrested for snatching Amelia Spencer, but the 11-year-old still insists the woman who manipulated her into hiding from her own family to serve her own revenge agenda on the girl’s biological dad Daz is innocent.


Earlier this week Daz tracked down his missing daughter at a rendezvous with her abductor, who had demanded a ransom, and while Amelia was returned safely to the village Beth managed to evade capture and the young Ms Spencer told police that Daz knew her kidnapper and was behind the whole thing.

Tonight, Wednesday 4 July, saw Bernice contemplating boyfriend Daz’s claims of innocence from inside his cell. When she noticed Amelia sneakily using Dan’s mobile to contact Beth online, the ballsy beautician stole the phone and sent Beth a message pretending to be Amelia asking to meet up.

Ambushing the abductor at the cricket pavilion, Bernice caught Beth out and kept her occupied until the police turned up, during which time Beth revealed everything about targeting Amelia as a way of avenging her dead dad – the man Daz accidentally shot during an army training exercise.


Confessing she befriended Amelia online and deliberately created the ‘Helmand2009′ username to make it look like Daz was guilty, Beth appeared to care very little about the poor girl caught in the crossfire of her revenge.

But Amelia is still under bitter Beth’s spell and believes she genuinely cares for her, so when word reached the Spencers’ of Bernice’s intervention and the subsequent arrest the family marched down to the pavilion, Amelia sobbing as Beth was driven off in a police car.

Will brainwashed Amelia end up being Beth’s key to getting away with her crime if she continues to be under the impression Daz is guilty? Can Daz ever convince his family he is the victim of a hate campaign?


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