EastEnders: has paedophile hunter Stuart just ruined an innocent man’s life?

Is Fred guilty? Or has Stuart made a big error?


Has Stuart Highway just made a massive mistake in his mission to expose sexual predators? Tonight’s hour-long episode of EastEnders saw the vigilante upload footage of a guy by the name of Fred Lewis, who Stuart believes to be a paedophile. But has he just pointed the finger at an innocent man?


In the run-up to Stuart posting his video online, Mick Carter and Stuart’s brother Halfway were seen tracking Fred’s movements on the Tube. But a concerned Mick was quick to voice his doubts and told Halfway that he didn’t believe the man’s actions to be suspicious.

Halfway, though, was keen to appease Stuart after letting Fred go in scenes shown last week. And when Fred suddenly opted to leave the Underground train, Halfway dashed after him, leaving a helpless Mick on board.

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Later on, Mick found out that Stuart caught up with Halfway and confronted the target and recorded him. Now positive that the man is innocent, Mick asks Stuart if his evidence is enough and tells him to leave it. Initially, Stuart appeared to let things lie – but Monday’s cliffhanger then saw him go back on his word and post the video of him confronting the man anyway.

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Viewers now have a long wait to discover the repercussions of Stuart’s actions, with EastEnders making way in the Tuesday and Thursday schedules for the World Cup. But the BBC1 soap will be back on Friday with two episodes, the first at 8.00pm and the second at 9.00pm.


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