Coronation Street: Bethany and Craig targeted by Kayla – but what’s she planning?

Weatherfield newcomer Mollie Winnard teases her character's secret agenda


Coronation Street’s Craig Tinker believes his love life is looking up next week when he bags a date with pretty waitress Kayla Westbrook, but there is more to the perky cobbles newcomer than meets the eye as she begins to deliberately drive a wedge between the rookie cop and his ex-girlfriend Bethany Platt.


Despite her claims she’s fine with her former fella moving on, Bethany is clearly seething with jealousy – which pleases Kayla no end. The big question is: why is the Speed Daal server so interested in making life miserable for Ms Platt?

Unconfirmed speculation suggests Kayla is the daughter of evil Neil Clifton, Bethany’s jailed abuser who raped her as part of sleazy Nathan Curtis’s grooming ring. Could this be true? Perhaps Kayla is another of Nathan’s duped girls out for revenge? A former lap dancer from Tassels with a Single White Female-style obsession with Bethany? Or maybe she just really fancies Craig and wants his ex out of the way?

Whatever her true agenda, the mystery around Kayla deepens next week when we discover more about what she’s up to. caught up with Mollie Winnard, who plays the too-good-to-be-trusted Ms Westbrook, to reveal more…


What does Kayla really think about Craig?
Kayla wants to get to know him. She spies her opportunity and can see there is more going on with him and Bethany, but she is not put off by that. She basically wants to get Bethany out the picture so she can move in on Craig.

What does she think is going on between Bethany and Craig?
When she first gave her number to Craig and flirted with him she could tell they had history and it’s obvious how close they are, but Kayla doesn’t feel threatened.

Bethany encourages Craig to ask Kayla out next week, but is she secretly jealous?
You can tell Bethany has a hidden agenda. She is trying to be happy because she thinks that’s  the right thing but it is obvious that she still likes Craig. She is putting her own feelings to one side because she cares about him and wants what is best for him.


What happens on Kayla and Craig’s date?
It becomes apparent on the date Kayla is more interested in Bethany than Craig. Being out of his comfort zone, Craig is nervous and the way Kayla grills him puts him on edge – however, things have gone exactly the way that Kayla has wanted it to go, she’s got it bang on.

Kayla wants to get to know them both better, but her jealousy over Bethany ramps up – tell us about Kayla’s next plan…
Kayla plans to get closer to Craig and Bethnay and learn more about the relationship because she knows there is more to it than meets the eye. The only way she can do that is to be closer to Craig. By driving a wedge between him and Bethany, Kayla can  get the information she needs from Craig…


Kayla overhears Bethany voicing concern for Craig after he passes his police assessment, so tells Craig that Bethany thinks he won’t cope because of his OCD – is that manipulative?
Well it is but Bethany technically did say it! Maybe not in the way that Kayla makes out, maybe she twists it a little bit, but who doesn’t twist the truth every once in a while to suit them? Kayla takes it out of context and puts her own spin on it whereas Bethany was saying it out of concern. This is the beginning of the cracks in their friendship forming – Kayla wants Craig all to herself!

How does Kayla feel when she sees that her plan is working?
She is very happy and the fact she’s getting results means she wants to do it even more. She is only going to up the ante from here…


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