EastEnders: Keegan finds Shakil’s killer – will he get revenge?

Is the troubled teen about to make a tragic situation a whole lot worse?


Keegan Baker looks set to embark on a mission of revenge of EastEnders as he tries to track down the gang member who killed Shakil Kazemi. As viewers saw this week, both Keegan and Shakil were put on the critical list after suffering stab wounds, with the latter ultimately dying from his injuries.


Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see the residents of the Square left grief-stricken as they plan a memorial for Shakil. But an angry Keegan has vengeance on his mind and ends up meeting with a friend in order to ask for information on the gang who attacked him. A suspicious Karen will be seen later on checking Keegan’s laptop and sharing her concerns with Keanu, who ends up calming her fears.

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But it seems that Karen is right to be concerned for by Friday’s episode, Keegan has received the info he’s after and, after bumping into Carmel, takes her to where the gang live. Tense scenes will see Keegan pointing out Bruno, the boy who stabbed him and Shakil, and asking Carmel what she wants him to do.

Keegan is obviously desperate for justice and wants to get even. Carmel, though, is horrified by what Keegan has planed and gives him a reality check. But will Keegan listen? Or will he be blinded by his need for revenge?


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