EastEnders: Hayley is revealed to be homeless – here’s what happens next

Will the Slaters find out that Hayley is living on the streets?

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EastEnders has tonight revealed that Hayley Slater is living on the streets. Cliffhanger scenes just broadcast saw the Walford newcomer pretend to leave the Square for the evening, only to sneak into a nearby alley and climb into a sleeping bag.


Prior to this revelation being shown, Hayley was seen trying to sell some of her belongings on the market despite not having a licence or pitch. Worried that she was after Martin, Stacey shared her fears with Kat, who then insisted that Hayley leave.

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With the market traders now turning on Hayley, Martin stepped in to defend her and took to the cafe. But with Martin still on her mind, Stacey later warned Hayley that she wasn’t welcome in the Square. Hayley then assured Stacey that she wasn’t after Martin because she actually has a new boyfriend. But judging by this evening’s closing scene, it seems likely that Hayley is lying about being in a relationship.

Tomorrow’s episode of the BBC1 soap finds Hayley paying a visit to Jean for some home comforts, but Kat and Stacey are furious to learn that she’s been round and shut down Jean’s idea to let her stay with them. But Hayley looks set to find a friend in Halfway’s brother Stuart, who asks her to join them at the Vic.

Pretty soon, a drinking session has turned rather raucous and, with Mick asleep, Stuart will be seen telling Hayley to climb into bed with the Queen Vic landlord. Stuart’s plan is to get Mick into trouble with his missus and, sure enough, when Linda returns from a visit t see Elaine, she’s horrified to find Mick in bed with Hayley.

EastEnders -April-June 2018 - 5708

After being thrown out of the Vic by Linda, Hayley once again seeks refuge with the Slaters. But events look set to take an unexpected turn when Stacey tries to tell Martin how she feels about him. Just as Stacey is about to admit the truth, Hayley comes down and Martin realises that they’re related and worked together to set him up back when Hayley called the police. With Martin fuming and Stacey devastated, will the pair both end up blaming Hayley for what has happened?


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