Coronation Street: David lashes out in prison

Meanwhile, Shona's on the case to bring Josh down

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Coronation Street’s David Platt explodes with rage in prison next week as he attacks his cellmate but refuses to tell the police about being raped by Josh Tucker, despite girlfriend Shona Ramsey’s pleas.


Jailed for missing his court appearance for the assault on Gary Windass in the boxing ring, distressed David is behind bars but has finally confessed all to Shona about his sexual assault.


The traumatised stylist is a nervous wreck in the big house and on Monday he violently lashes out at his cellmate when he innocently tries to wake him up, angrily shoving the unsuspecting guy against the wall as he’s struggles with the memory of Josh’s assault.

Shona visits David and begs him to tell his solicitor what Josh did, and admits she confronted him herself after his admission which only serves to anger Mr Platt further. Has Shona made the situation worse and stopped David speaking out to anyone else?


Later in the week, Shona clocks Alya Nazir’s burgeoning romance with predatory Josh and tries to warn her off without betraying David’s confidence, and on Wednesday the investigative Ms Ramsey steals the menacing mechanic’s CV from the garage and contacts his previous employers hoping to dig some dirt on his past.

Speaking to an ex-colleague of Josh’s, Shona discovers he was sacked from his last job and wonders what happened – will she discover something incriminating? How will Josh react if he learns Shona’s snooping around? Is Alya in danger? And can David be convinced to report the rape?


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