EastEnders: will Vincent escape the Square – or be killed off?

Richard Blackwood's exit from the BBC1 soap is looming

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An under-pressure Vincent Hubbard was left facing a shock ultimatum in tonight’s EastEnders: either he flees Walford immediately or risk being bumped off by Aidan Maguire and his criminal cohorts.


The cliffhanger came at the climax of a tense day for Vincent, who had already been left surprised after being told that his police contact DI Franklin had been taken off the case.

His replacement was soon telling the Albert Square informant that he could have a new life in Witness Protection if he brought in hard evidence against the likes of gangster Aidan Maguire and Phil Mitchell.

The one catch was that Vincent, wife Kim and daughter Pearl would never be able to see their loved ones again: police protection being necessary for the rest of the Hubbards’ lives.

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After his clandestine meeting with the police, Vincent was seen being questioned by Kim about who he had been seeing. But before he was able to tell her everything, Vincent received a call from the officer now in charge of the investigation, who told him that he needed to leave that very evening.

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With Aidan now apparently aware of Vincent’s double dealing, the pressure is on for Vincent to flee as soon as possible. But will he use the getaway car that the police are planning on providing? Or could a fresh twist come as part of Vincent’s exit? Might Aidan ensure that his nemesis is silenced forever?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on EastEnders below


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