Hollyoaks: Sienna receives a sinister warning from her stalker

It's getting very creepy for Ms Blake next week

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The intimidation campaign against Sienna Blake intensifies in Hollyoaks next week, as her stalker reveals they know her darkest secret – but what will be their next move?


When a cute-looking teddy bear is delivered to her flat, Sienna is immediately suspicious this is not a gesture of goodwill – and her suspicions it’s from her stalker are confirmed when she discovers the sinister soft toy has a creepy voice message built inside that says ‘I know you are lying about your cancer’.


Convinced Dr Misbah Maalik has told Sienna’s boyfriend Joel Dexter the truth that she’s faked the return of her condition to stop him leaving her for love rival Cleo McQueen, the brazen Ms Blake breaks into the medic’s house and accuses her of sending the gruesome gift, smashing up the kitchen as she explodes with frustration.

Alarmed Misbah denies it and reiterates to her patient she can’t continue to lie about something so serious, and begs her to tell Joel the truth.


Later, a foreboding email pings into Sienna’s inbox with a countdown clock, as glimpsed in the recent spring trailer – terrified of what it’s counting down to, the menaced mum tries to stop it, and gets in touch with an old acquaintance hoping they can help.

But who has she contacted? Has she worked out who the stalker is and got to them before they can strike again?

As she waits at the rendezvous, Sienna fails to notice a mysterious man watching her from afar… Is it the person behind all the incidents? And is the stalker’s master plan to kill Sienna? It’s a definite possibility as we get closer to the flash forward scene of her funeral which hits our screens some time in the next month or so…


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