Emmerdale: Ross is cruelly humiliated tonight

A nasty prank knocks Ross's confidence

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Poor Ross Barton will be left in a state of turmoil on Emmerdale tonight when he’s the victim of a cruel prank.


Ross has already been on the receiving end of bad news this week after learning that the suspect charged with attacking him with acid is pleading not guilty.

But a concerned Pete does manage to convince his brother to accompany him to the Woolpack, with Ross having to force himself to overcome his trepidation.

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After a nervous Ross enters the bar, he’s soon pleased when a girl drinking with a group of friends starts chatting him up.

But Ross is left mortified when he realises that she’s been making advances for a joke, having struck up a wager with her cohorts.

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With Ross’s confidence having taken a massive knock, he flees, with Thursday’s episode seeing Pete left in a panic when he realises that his sibling is missing.

Pete then finds pills and an empty whisky bottle in Ross’s car before discovering his brother in a deteriorating state. Are we about to lose another member of the already depleted Barton family?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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