EastEnders: Sharon and Mel confront Ciara

Will they tell Aidan's ex they've got the money?

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EastEnders fans are reeling from Friday’s reveal that Sharon Mitchell stole the cash from Aidan Maguire’s heist.


Phil’s other half confessed to Mel Owen, who was desperate to find the loot so her sister-in-law, and Aidan’s ex, Ciara agreed to released her son Hunter who she’s currently holding hostage.

New pictures from tomorrow night’s episode show Sharon and Mel visiting Mrs Maguire in her swanky home as Steve Owen’s widow becomes increasingly determined to get her son back from Ciara’s clutches.

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Mel told Sharon that if Ciara got her cash back she’d back off, but does Mrs Mitchell want to hand over the haul she’s been hiding for weeks?

What do the Walford blonde bombshells have planned as they meet up with Ciara? Are they hoping to strike a deal with Aidan’s old flame, or double cross her so they can keep the cash? Or worse, resort to violence…

Whatever happens, Hunter is returned to his mum’s side safe and sound and makes his first appearance in Tuesday’s episode.

So how is Ciara dealt with? Don’t miss EastEnders tomorrow at 8pm on BBC1 to find out.

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