Emmerdale: “Lachlan can’t believe what he’s done” – Thomas Atkinson reacts to the Whites fatal car crash

Will the troubled teen admit he’s to blame for killing half his family?

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Emmerdale fans are reeling after tonight’s fatal car crash that killed off Chrissie and Lawrence White, and put Rebecca into a coma.


Lachlan is the only member of the cursed clan to still be conscious, which is ironic as he caused the crash by deliberately grabbing the wheel causing mum Chrissie to lose control, as revenge for her interfering in his relationship with Belle Dingle, only for the vehicle to plough into a lorry.

With his parents and grandfather dead and aunt clinging on to life in hospital, how does Lucky feel about being responsible for the accident that has destroyed his family? Will Rebecca wake up and reveal he was to blame? What’s next for the troubled teen? Thomas Atkinson, who plays him, spoke to RadioTimes.com on location while filming the crash about this evening’s epic exits and teases the future.

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Does Lachlan immediately feel guilty for causing the crash?

Once Lachlan regains consciousness after the car flies into the field, he sees Lawrence has been killed instantly and surveys the scene and he panics, thinking ‘Oh my god, what have I done?’ When Chrissie wakes up Lachlan tries to comfort her as she dies and says sorry, he didn’t mean to do any of this – it’s quite sad.

He just wants to be loved, doesn’t he?

Yes I think that’s the whole basis of why he is the way he is, he feels no love from any of his family. He’s been emotionally distant from them.

Why did he flip and lash out at Chrissie, knowing he could put them in danger?

He was heartbroken at splitting from Belle then finding out his mum had interfered, and he was not in a good place mentally. When Lachlan flips it’s always really over the top. There was no need to do it, but then again there was no need to hide in the attic! But it makes for an interesting character.

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How does he feel about having all this on his conscience?

He’s not in a good way, but has he ever been? After the crash he’s going to get closer again to Belle and the Dingles. In a way his life might be better as he’ll be with people who actually care about him and don’t just view him as this freak who’s done terrible things in the past. So as much as he hates what he’s done and feels guilty, Lachlan also sees it like a fresh start…

Do you have sympathy for him?

I do understand him a bit more now but a few months ago it got very weird, eve by his standards! That can make it difficult to sympathise but since Robert tried to take the business and hurt his family, I think the writers have made it a bit easier to feel sympathy for Lachlan.

How do you feel about Louise Marwood (Chrissie) and John Bowe (Lawrence) leaving?

I’ve been here for over three years now, I was only 15 when I started and I’ve worked with them the whole time. We’ve all become very attached so it’s weird without them!

Is this the end of ‘weird Lachlan’?

We’ll see. Maybe for a bit…

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